Who eats Marcel?

Who eats Marcel? Ymir, as a mindless Titan, ate Marcel. Why did her shifter form look the same as her mindless form if shifters mindless, and shifter form were the same. How was the colossal titan so big, it would mean that a 60m mindless must have ate a shifter?

Who is stronger Marcel or Porco? Porco’s brother, Marcel, is slightly stronger than he was. Marcel was the first Galliard brother to inherit the Jaw Titan and Marley trusted him so much that he was able to convince them to give the Armored Titan to Reiner.

Why did Marcel get eaten? In the year 845, Marcel apologized to Reiner for inheriting the Armored Titan, for Marcel recommended Reiner to inherit it in order to save Porco. As a Titan appeared, Marcel pushed Reiner out of the way and ended up getting devoured himself.

Who eats Ymir? Power of the Titans. Ymir was able to transform herself into the Jaw Titan (顎の巨人 Agito no Kyojin?), a 5-meter Titan. She gained this ability after she ate Marcel Galliard, a Warrior from Marley, in the year 845.

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How many years does every Titan shifter have left?

The Attack on Titan fandom still can’t come to a consensus about the Curse of Ymir, a rule which states that a Titan Shifter can live a mere 13 years after acquiring their Titan powers, and what this means for our protagonist, Eren Jaeger, who possesses more than one Shifter power.

Are Marcel and Porco related?

Reiner. Marcel’s dedication to his little brother. Marcel Galliard (マルセル・ガリアード Maruseru Gariādo?) was the older brother of Porco Galliard, comrade and childhood friend of Reiner Braun, Bertolt Hoover, Annie Leonhart and Pieck Finger.

Why did YMIR not have jaw?

It could be because Marley gave Galliard and Marcel an armor serum, like what Eren took to harden. It could also be because Ymir is female and doesn’t inherit the same qualities of the jaw titan as the brothers.

How much older is Marcel than Porco?

Considering his older brother, Marcel Galliard, was about 12 years old when he died at Ymir’s hands, Porco could be estimated to be about 19 years old during the events of the anime.

Is Porco in love with Pieck?

Pieck and Porco are close friends and there is a common fan theory that one might have feelings for the other (most believe this to be Porco, due to some fans interpreting Porco’s reaction when Pieck hugged another male character in her team as jealousy), although it’s never really shown due to the lack of appearances …

Where are Porco and Marcel twins?

There is some debate over who is older, Porco Galliard or Marcel Galliard. However, the most credible sources seem to agree that Marcel was born first. This has not been conclusively proven, but it seems likely that he was born in 1604 while Porco was born around 1610.

Who inherited the Jaw Titan after Marcel?

The Titan inherited Marcel’s Jaw power and regained its human form: an Eldian girl named Ymir, who had been wandering as a Titan for around sixty years. Choosing to start a new life for herself, Ymir made her way into humanity’s territory and began living as a thief in the interior territories of the Walls.

What if Eren ate Porco?

What if Eren had eaten Porco Galliard? A lot of things would have happened. Eren now has a way to break into Annie’s shell. She would have died, and the Female Titan would have been passed on to someone else, possibly Eren himself or one of his other followers.

Who did Pieck love?

In the newest episode it was kinda mentioned that Pieck had a “personal interest” which was Yelena cuz she was one of Zeke’s followers or sum.

Who was Pieck in love with?

Most of the fans of this ship started shipping the two of them when Pieck confessed she had a personal interest in Yelena. After that, their teasing whenever they meet has become a fan-favorite interaction.

Did Hange have a crush on Pieck?

And Hange responds by saying “I’ll charm her yet. You watch”, clearly showing their attraction to Pieck and their wish to get closer to her, by “charming” her.

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