Who ends up with Bell?

Who ends up with Bell? It’s made pretty clear he’s in love with Ais ever since he first laid eyes on her. The author has stated Ais x Bell is endgame so unless he changes his mind they’ll end up together.

Does Bell end up with the goddess? No, Hestia basically gets “God-Zoned” by Bell in Vol 8. He understands her feeling towards him but he just can’t see her as anything more than the goddess he respects and reveres. That’s incredibly disappointing.

Is Ryu in love with Bell? Bell Cranel. Ryuu has been shown to have feelings for Bell ever since he grabbed her hands out of gratitude for finding the Hestia Knife. Despite her elf heritage, Alise advised her in the past to not let go of a man who is able to hold your hand.

Does AIZ love bell? Ais has a friendly and positive relationship with Bell, frequently helping him and even accepting a request for a dance from him at Apollo’s ball, even though it was her first time dancing.

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Does Bell Cranel lost his arm?

He loses the arm and then it looks like he gets it back somehow. He is lucky as hell that this happened because if he loses his arm you can kiss the story goodbye having Bell without a arm makes him useless.

Is Bell stronger than AIS?

Is bell stronger than ais now? No. Levels aren’t just a matter of adding up points. The points from level 5 hold more value than the points from level 4 and each level up gives a large boost to overall stats.

Who is the strongest in Danmachi?

1/10 Alber Waldstein. Albert Waldstein has been confirmed as the most powerful adventurer to debut in the Danmachi series. He was known for his exceptional sword skill earning the title of Sword Champion. Albert was so skilled with a sword, he easily surpassed many of the top members of the Zeus and Hera Familia.

What level is Bell?

Abilities. Overlevel Power: As a result of his SS and SSS stats, Bell has grown to become an extremely powerful adventurer whose might far surpasses his own level. As such, he is effectively equal to a Level 5 even as a Level 4, and can possibly put up a fight against a Level 6.

Why does Freya want bell?

Freya has taken an interest in Bell, due to his transparent soul, ever since he passed through her gaze. She is obsessed with him and takes advantage of certain incidents in order to unleash his full potential.

Does Bell know his grandfather is Zeus?

The Goliath Is Defeated And Bell Learns He’s Part Of Zeus’ Familia (DanMachi, Season 1, Episode 13)

Is Hestia in love with Bell?

Hestia appears to have been in love with Bell since he first joined her Familia, as no one wanted to join her and the two were alone in the world. Hestia tends to get jealous very easily whenever Bell thinks about or interacts with other girls.

Who is Bell Cranel crush?

Ais Wallenstein. Bell first met Ais when she saved him from a Minotaur. Because of that, Bell fell deeply in love with her and gained the skill, Liaris Freese.

Does Bell still have the Hestia knife?

According to Bell, he lost it inside of Knossos during the battle with the Ikelos Familia, though he plans on retrieving it sometime in the future.

What age is Bell Cranel?

The story follows the exploits of Bell Cranel, a 14-year-old solo adventurer under the goddess Hestia.

Who is Bell’s girlfriend?

Bell’s main love interest in DanMachi: Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon is Ais Wallenstein. Their relationship, or lack thereof, is a vital part of the story. The DanMachi light novels start with Bell being saved in the dungeon by Ais Wallenstein, one of the strongest known adventurers.

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