Who has the strongest aura in HXH?

Who has the strongest aura in HXH? 1) King Meruem. Meruem is a specialist. His main ability is known as Aura Synthesis and it allows him to increase his strength after eating Nen users. He also has other Nen abilities such as Metamorphosis, Rage Blast, and Photon. However, when he fought Netero, he only used his incredible physical characteristics.

Who is Gittarackur? Illumi Zoldyck (イルミ゠ゾルディック, Irumi Zorudikku) is the eldest child of Silva and Kikyo Zoldyck. During the 287th Hunter Exam, he appeared under the guise of Gittarackur (ギタラクル, Gitarakuru).

What is Illumis Nen ability? Necromancy: Illumi can use his Nen needles to manipulate the corpses of any individuals, known as “Corpse Control”. The manipulated corpses are capable of performing many actions such as communication and lack a will of their own. Sometimes, he can do this so in order to deceive onlookers.

Who is Hisoka’s boyfriend? It is important to note that Hisoka and Illumi are revealed to be engaged in the manga. This is proven by Illumi casually admitting to Chrollo that he and Hisoka’s ordeal is an engagement ring.

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What did Illumi plant in Killua’s head?

It was the needle that Illumi inserted into him. That needle was placed there by Illumi in order to control Killua and ensure that he never fought those who were “stronger” than him.

Why is Illumi’s hair long?

Illumi has long hair because his character design was meant to be that way. He was meant to be introduced as a very creepy, gender-fluid character who could easily dominate the “imperturbable” Killua. The hair design gave author to do a lot of things with Illumi.

Why does Killua have white hair?

It’s been said that the Zoldycks with white hair are transmuters. This includes Zeno and Silva Zoldyck, who are considered the strongest in the family (of course, age is a factor), and are both presumably transmuters. Killua happened to inherit the white hair and therefore his father’s power and transmuter nen type.

Who has the coolest Nen ability?

This power system is one of the best in anime and this list will highlight the 10 strongest users of Nen:

  • 7/10 GODSPEED.
  • 6/10 ZENO’S NEN.
  • 4/10 KURAPKA’S NEN.
  • 3/10 SKILL HUNTER.

Who is the strongest Zoldyck?

Silva is the current leader of the Zoldyck Family and quite possibly the strongest member in their ranks right now. He is a Transmutation type of nen user, like his son Killua. Silva is able to transmute his aura into electricity. Speed and ferocity are two of his biggest strengths in combat.

Does Gon have a love interest?

Those that believe that Gon and Killua had romantic feelings for each other use Killua’s character arc in the story as reason. More specifically, as it is believed that it was Kilua who was the one with the romantic feelings, while Gon only thought of their friendship as platonic.

Is Alluka a girl?

Alluka Zoldyck. Her sex is listed as male and some characters do refer to her in male terms, but Alluka’s brother Killua always refers to her as his “sister” and the fact that she is transgender is never explicitly brought up. She has a feminine appearance and her genitals are never brought up.

Who is stronger Illumi or hisoka?

9/10 Can’t Defeat: Illumi Zoldyck. The two have worked together quite a few times in the series and are equally threatening. However, Hisoka’s recent showing makes him look like a much bigger threat in comparison to Illumi. The latter would definitely lose to him if they ever fought.

What is Illumi bloodlust?

Hisoka sheds blood because it gives him pleasure (= bloodlust), while Illumi sheds blood to further his own goals such as gaining more power and influence.

Is Illumi stronger than killua?

7/10 Stronger Than Killua: Illumi Zoldyck. Illumi’s Hatsu is considered to be especially powerful, according to Killua. Although Killua can fight Illumi, the result of the battle likely won’t tilt in his favor. Illumi has much more experience as a fighter, and his aura level is likely higher as well.

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