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Who is Barry in Splatoon?

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Who is Barry in Splatoon? Barry C. is Hotlantis’s store owner. He is mentioned in Sunken Scroll 17 in Splatoon 3. Barry left instructions for Harmony, telling her to give Splashtag badges to loyal customers.

Who owns Hotlantis? Barry C. is the owner of Hotlantis, (confirmed in Splatoon 3 Sunken Scroll 17) not much is known about them however they are known to rarely be in Hotlantis to the point they hired Harmony to run the store in their absence.

What is Paruko?

What does Mr Grizz look like? Grizz speaks through a wooden fishing bear statue with a radio antenna attached to it. Upon completing Return of the Mammalians, the statue in the latter mode is changed to a large fish eating a small bear. The Return of the Mammalians mode reveals his true appearance, being that of a brown grizzly bear.

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Is Shiver non-binary?

Only one message, a Tweet from Nintendo Portugal, used a feminine pronoun for Shiver, leading to speculation that the character may be non-binary. However, Senior VP of development and publishing Nate Bihldorff confirmed to The Verge that Shiver identifies as female and uses she/her pronouns in the game itself.

How do you get the harmony badge in Splatoon 3?

How to Get the Harmony Badge in Splatoon 3. As the name of the Harmony Badge suggests, you must visit the Hotlantis store owned by the Harmony character. But just going to the store will not be enough, and if you want to get the Harmony Badge in Splatoon 3, you must spend 100,000 in-game dollars in the Hotlantis store.

What does Hotlantis sell?

Hotlantis is a general store available in Splatoon 3 located at the edge of Splatsville. The owner of the shop is Barry C. but Harmony, a former customer and artist, runs it until they return. The store sells items for the lockers as well as catalogs.

How do you get the taller locker in Splatoon 3?

For Splatoon 3 players that are aiming to get an even bigger locker, they’ll need to play online until they hit Level 30. Once that happens, an exclamation mark will appear over players’ lockers, and they’ll finally have the max locker size.

What sea creature is harmony Splatoon?

Harmony is a character in the Splatoon series. She is a sea anemone who serves as the singer of the band Chirpy Chips in Splatoon and Splatoon 2 and runs the general store Hotlantis in Splatsville in Splatoon 3.

What is shiver gender Splatoon 3?

However, official sources such as interviews with Nintendo of America executives and the media’s preview game access soon clarified that Shiver is female and is referred to using the pronouns “she” and “her” in-game.

Why is DJ Octavio an octopus?

DJ Octavio’s name may be derived from octopus, octave (as he is a musician), and the Spanish word octavo, which means eighth, as octopuses have eight tentacles. DJ Octavio’s album art has text that seems to spell “DJ Ocwas”, which may be a combination of his English and Japanese names (“DJ Octavio” and “DJ Takowasa”).

What is the fastest way to level up catalog in Splatoon 3?

Getting knockouts in Anarchy Battles is much easier said than done, but if you do, you’ll get 2500 bonus XP. If you’re using a food ticket and you get a knockout, you can get up to 5000 XP per game. This’ll let you speed through your catalog and your levels to quickly gain all of your rewards.

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