Who is Choco cat?

Who is Choco cat? Chococat (チョコキャット, Chokokyatto) is one of the many fictional characters produced by Japanese corporation Sanrio. He is drawn as a sweet black cat with huge black eyes, four whiskers, and like counterpart Hello Kitty, no mouth. His name comes from his chocolate-colored nose.

Is Dear Daniel Hello Kitty Boyfriend? Dear Daniel (Daniel Starr) is a fictional character created by the Japanese company Sanrio. He is a Japanese male bobtail cat just like Hello Kitty herself. He is Hello Kitty’s childhood friend and also her boyfriend.

Is mocha from Sanrio a boy? Mocha is a Sanrio character introduced in 2001, from the Cinnamoroll and Cinnamoangels universe.

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Who is the most underrated Sanrio character? Sanrio’s Lesser-known Characters

  • Heysuke. This character from Sanrio is quite ambiguous. …
  • Kashiwankomochi. This little sad cutie is a doggy-shaped mochi (rice cake). …
  • Yutakun. This adorable creature with triangle on his forehead is a ghost named Yutakun. …
  • Shiri Rappers. …
  • Ginshari-san. …
  • Tissue-san.

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How many seasons is Jewelpet?

Jewelpet Attack Travel! Jewelpet marks as Studio Comet’s second animation work based on a Sanrio franchise and the second longest running Sanrio Anime series next to Kitty Paradise with 7 full seasons.

Is Usahana a girl?

U*SA*HA*NA (ウサハナ, Usahana) is a Sanrio character who is a colorful, lively little girl bunny that loves summer.

Is Jewelpet a Sanrio?

Jewelpet (Japanese: ジュエルペット, Hepburn: Juerupetto) is a Japanese media franchise and toy line created in 2008 as a joint venture between Sanrio and Sega Toys, produced by the third character designer of Hello Kitty, Yuko Yamaguchi and illustrated by the character designer of Cinnamoroll, Miyuki Okumura.

How many Jewelpets are there?

In the entire franchise, there are a total of 42 Jewelpets in each species and class. According to the franchise’s backstory, the Jewelpets themselves were all born from jewels and minerals after a powerful magician used their magic to bring them to life.

Is Jewelpet a magical girl?

Jewelpet: Magical Change (Japanese: ジュエルペット マジカルチェンジ, Hepburn: Juerupetto Majikaru Chenji) is a 2015 magical girl anime series produced by Studio DEEN and TMS Entertainment.

What Jewel does Luna use as her jewel flash?

Luna’s jewel motif is the moonstone, a sodium potassium aluminum silicate well known for its visual effect, or sheen, caused by light reflecting internally in the mineral from layer inclusion of different feldspars. Her secondary motif is a crescent moon.

Is My Melody a girl?

My Melody (マイメロディ, Mai Merodī) is a little rabbit girl who was born in a forest in Mariland. She is a popular Sanrio character, in particular in Japan. She treasures her bright red hood (but it is often depicted as pink) that her grandmother made for her.

Who is older Hello Kitty and Mimmy?

Mimmy White is Hello Kitty’s older sister. She is quiet, shy and very tomboy. She loves her sister very much and looks just like her, although she wears a yellow ribbon in her right ear.

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