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Who is Dain deltora quest?

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Who is Dain deltora quest? Dain was a Resistance member, revealed to be a Grade 3 Ol tasked with infiltrating Lief’s quest as a decoy heir to the throne at the direction of the Shadow Lord. Taking the form of a Toran boy near Lief’s age, Dain joined the resistance and earned the trust of the companions over various encounters through the quest.

Is Doom Jasmine’s father? Jarred, also known as Doom, is the father of Jasmine, the husband of the late Anna and a childhood friend of Endon. After he returned from the Shadowlands, he took on the identity of Doom and became the leader of the Resistance.

Who does Lief marry in Deltora? At the end of the series, Lief and Jasmine marry and have three children: a daughter, Anna, named after Jasmine’s mother, and twin sons, Endon and Jarred, named after Lief’s father and Jasmine’s father, respectively.

How old is Lief deltora quest? Lief. Barda describes Lief as “a young hot-head” who spends his time roaming the streets and both tempting and dodging trouble. On his 16th birthday he leaves Del on a magical and dangerous quest to find the magical gems missing from the Belt of Deltora and the heir destined to wear it.

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Is deltora quest a show?

Deltora Quest (Japanese: デルトラ・クエスト, Hepburn: Derutora Kuesuto) is a Japanese anime television series based on the series of children’s books of the same name, written by Australian author Emily Rodda. It was announced by Rodda herself at Sydney’s Book Council of Australia Conference and at an ABC Kids convention.

How many episodes does Deltora Quest have?

The series premiered on Janu and has 65 episodes, although only 52 were dubbed into English.

Is Lief in the Star of Deltora?

Although King Lief had moved into the Palace of Del upon being crowned king of Deltora, along with Jasmine and Barda and several other allies of theirs, he moved back into the forge in Del after the quest for the Pirran Pipe where he lives to this day.

Is there a deltora Quest Season 2?

Deltora Quest 2, known as Deltora Shadowlands outside Australia, is the second series in the Deltora Quest collective series written by Emily Rodda.

Is there a deltora Quest video game?

Deltora Quest is a Real Time RPG game developed by Namco Bandai for the Nintendo DS video game console.

Does deltora Quest have romance?

One love is all I need in this life! Deltora Quest is a fantasy series that also has as a mix of mystery, interactivity, horror, romance, action and adventure.

Who is Barda in Deltora quest?

Barda is a man of the Del tribe and is the current captain of palace guards in the city of Del. He is the son of the late Min and the husband of Lindal of Broome, with whom he has six unnamed children who all look alike.

Is doom the father of Jasmine?

Lief manages to kill him with the Belt and then Lief, Jasmine, Barda, and Doom escape to Lief’s old home, where the second secret is revealed – Doom is actually Jasmine’s father.

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