Who is Daniel’s love interest Lookism?

Who is Daniel’s love interest Lookism? Zoe Park was the first person to ever flirt with Daniel. She initially had a crush on Daniel in his new body, however, as time passed she started to like him in his old body.

Who is Daniel’s second body? Daniel tries to run off with his body but they transferred him elsewhere. Daniel finds his original body in a different room with a new identity: a guy named James Lee.

Will Lookism get an anime? It’s official: LOOKISM, the WEBTOON by Park Tae-Joon is receiving an official anime adaptation courtesy of Netflix, and what’s even more of a surprise is that the adaptation is arriving sooner than anyone could expect. LOOKISM will be available on Netflix on November 4.

What happens at the end of Lookism? As he pleads for them to come back his handsome body gives him a devilish smile. Daniel wakes up to find out he was dreaming, and not in his second body. Daniel finds his body in the hospital comatose and the police struggle to identify him.

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Who are the 10 geniuses in Lookism?


DGThe Genius
KoujiHacker Genius
Tom LeeFighting Genius
Jinyoung ParkMedical Genius

Who is Zoe Lookism?

Zoe Park (박하늘 Park Ha Neul) is a secondary character in Lookism. She is a student within the fashion department of J High School.

Who is the female lead in Lookism?

Zoe Park/Park Ha Neul – Zoe Park is a beautiful girl who tried to use charm to get what she wanted. After Daniel’s original body saves her from a stalker, however, she develops feelings for him.

Does Crystal find out about Daniel?

Episode 162. Daniel tells her the other Daniel is in a video with Duke, and she suspects it is prerecorded. However, the other Daniel picks up the phone. Crystal is shocked to see Daniel does not have two bodies. She runs to Duke’s house and spots them in real time, proving they are two different people.

Why are guns eyes black Lookism?

Gun’s most distinguishing trait is his pitch black eyes with white irises, this is as a result of him being constantly in the Ultra Instinct state.

Who is the strongest character in Lookism?

  • Tom Lee (Gapryong Kim in life)
  • Sophie.
  • Brekdak.
  • James Lee.
  • Park Jong Gun.
  • Kim Joon Goo (Has potential to beat Gun with a Katana)
  • Eugene’s VVIP Guard.
  • Mandeok Bang.

Who is the antagonist in Lookism?

Eugene is a major antagonist in Lookism. He is one of Charles Choi’s 10 geniuses and the head chairman of Workers.

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