Who is Duke Fredo?

Who is Duke Fredo? Naru von Ejellan is Duke Fredo in his young appearance. He is also known as Fredo the Second in the Endable Kingdom. The people of the Endable Kingdom, other than a few subordinates of Duke Fredo, all believe that this appearance is his son. Naru is known as a good child and is loved by everyone in the Endable Kingdom.

What does Cale name the dragon? First Appearance. Raon Miru (라온 미르), Korean for “Joyful Dragon.” A six-year-old black dragon (four years old at the beginning of the story) who followed Cale ever since he was saved by him.

Who is Cale Henituse? Cale Henituse, formerly known as Kim Rok Soo, is the main protagonist of the novel. His soul was moved into the body of Cale Henituse: a minor antagonist from the novel (courtesy of the God of Death). Prior to transmigrating, he had only read the first 5 volumes of the novel.

What does Cale call Alberu? In section 8 of the jungle, Alberu appears in his quarter dark elf form along with Tasha and the other dark elves, he had his face covered by cloth other than his eyes. He puts his hand on Cale’s shoulder and calls him “little brother” in a low voice to prevent people from recognizing his regular voice.

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Are Alberu and Cale brothers?

Cale Henituse. Alberu’s Sworn Brother. At first Alberu disliked Cale because of their similarities, though he also trusted him for the same reason, but over time he came to genuinely care and worry about him.

Does Ron like Cale?

Ron’s comparison of Cale as a puppy was initially a comparison of a sense that varies between dislike and pity. Later on, Ron compares Cale to a tiger but still thinks of him as a puppy young master however by then, it becomes a term with affection.

Does Cale become commander?

Cale became the Commander of the Northeast region’s military and the battle at the Henituse territory began.

Is Raon a dragon lord?

Eruhaben and Raon are the two known living dragons. There is a magical remnant of the last Dragon Lord, Sherrit, whose form and personality remains in the Castle of Light (now Raon’s castle).

Who is Alberu?

Alberu Crossman is the Crown Prince of the Roan Kingdom and the eldest son of Zed Crossman. He is a quarter dark elf from his mother’s side—a fact which he’s very careful to hide.

Does Rosalyn like Cale?

Rosalyn: A princess of the Breck Kingdom and a talented genius mage. She was a member of Choi Han’s party in the original work, and is currently a reliable comrade of Cale’s group. She has a deep respect for Cale and, like many others, worries for him when he is in pain.

How many ancient powers does Cale Henituse have?

He is in control of the only known Ancient Power from the demonic world: the sky-attribute ancient power which was used to kill the Guardians—previous owners of the ancient powers that Cale Henituse currently has and four ancient powers of natural elements: water, fire, wind, and wood.

Does Cale have long hair?

ammo-never-runs-out-of-knives asked:. Have you seen webtoons Cale? He has short hair and looks like a right jackass, it’s wonderful.

Does Cale get strong?

The process of restoration also makes him slightly stronger after healing him from his injuries, as impurities in his body are cleared out (usually by coughing up blood). Through this restoration ability Cale’s body is able to hold multiple normally conflicting ancient powers.

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