Who is enryu Tower of God?

Who is enryu Tower of God? Enryu (엔류, Ehn-ryoo) is an Irregular. His status is unknown and he is currently ranked 2nd. He is the first known Irregular to have entered the Tower during Zahard’s rule. Enryu is one of the most mysterious characters in the Tower, almost as mysterious as Phantaminum.

Who is the captain of Wolhaiksong? Baek Ryun (백련, Baekryeon, Backryun) is the Ruler of the 77th Floor and the best friend of Urek Mazino. He was one of the founding members of and is the current head of Wolhaiksong. It is said that he’s one of the most gifted Wave Controller in the Tower’s history.

What did Gustang give to Rachel? This Stingray is a gift from Gustang to protect Rachel under someone’s request whose identity is still unknown. Rachel wasn’t aware of the Stingray’s presence nor she knows how it looks, because the Stingray hides itself in invisible mode.

Who is in the Poe Bidau family? Known Members

  • Po Bidau Gustang (Family Head)
  • Eurasia Enne Zahard (Zahard’s Princess; sealed)
  • Po Bidau Lyborick Khun (Corps Commander)

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What were Rachel’s 3 wishes?

Her wishes:

  • She wants the body and powers she had on the data floor. A power to counter Bams abilities or the same abilities as Bam.
  • She wants to be free of her current destiny (she knows Arlene so she might want to be free of the bargain/destiny she has b/c of Arlene).
  • Purpose beyond Bam. To always be above Bam.

What does Rachel have a fear of?

Rachel is afraid of fish. When Rachel realizes what Phoebe was trying to do, she tells her that if she wanted to scare her, Phoebe should’ve bought Joey a fish instead, which Rachel apparently finds scarier than spiders.

Who is Gustang in Tower of God?

Po Bidau Gustang (포 비더 구스트앙, Po Bidder Gustang) is the head of the Po Bidau Family, one of the Great Warriors and the first living being to systematically record Shinsu. Po Bidau Gustang is the Tower’s most famous Wave Controller and writer.

Who is the strongest character in Tower of God?

1) Enryu. Finally, Enryu is regarded as the second-highest Ranker overall, being one rank above Jahad himself. An Irregular who was the first to enter the Tower during Jahad’s rule, his nickname “Administrator Murderer” instantly proves just how powerful the enigmatic force can be.

Why does Rachel keep betraying Bam?

First, she pretends to be restricted to a wheelchair for years, and then we discover that when she wasn’t chosen to enter the tower on her own, she strikes a deal with Headon which is probably the reason why she felt compelled to violate their friendship the way she did.

Does Baam get revenge on Rachel?

Baam confronts Rachel, admitting that he just can’t understand her, and rebuking her when she claims to have done nothing wrong. He then attacks and completely overwhelms Rachel, and though he still spares her life, he states that he will kill her if she ever harms his friends again.

Who is the strongest jahad princess?

Adori Zahard (아도리 자하드, Ahdoree Jahad, Adoree Jahad) is currently the strongest active Princess in the Tower. She is the Commander-in-Chief of Zahard’s Army as well as the captain of Zahard’s Royal Guards.

Did Gustang give BAM the thorn?

After Gustang met Baam and recognized him as the son of Arlen Grace, Gustang officially gave this Thorn fragment to Baam.

How strong is white in Tower of God?

Stated by SIU, he currently has more skill and power than a Ranker and sometimes uses attacks that are High-Ranker level, but he still has limits to his powers after becoming one again with his last clone. Having this much power as a regular is unbelievably overpowered.

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