Who is God in Punpun?

Who is God in Punpun? Afro God is Punpun’s personal God, whom is summoned by the chant Punpun’s uncle taught him, “Dear God, dear God, tinkle tinkle hoy!” He is gradually revealed to be a manifestation of Punpun’s darker thoughts.

What is the message of Goodnight punpun? Goodnight PunPun deals with themes of depression, relationships and love. PunPun throughout the Manga has very deep, dark thoughts which serve as a narration along with another narrator that appears to PunPun and normally egging him on to do the darkest thing in a situation.

What happened to Aiko in Goodnight punpun? In chapter 139, Punpun discovers Aiko’s lifeless body hanging from a rope later and as he laments the choices he’s made, carries her on his back, wondering what kind of life they could’ve had together had they grown up the normal way. Sachi finding Punpun after his suicide attempt.

Who does Punpun end up with? Punpun awakens to find Aiko has hung herself. Punpun then wanders aimlessly until he reaches an iconic location from his childhood before stabbing himself in an attempt to end his own life. He is found and saved by his ex-girlfriend Sachi.

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Is Punpun a real name?

Sutatta Udomsilp (Thai: สุทัตตา อุดมศิลป์; also known as PunPun (Thai: ปันปัน), born J) is a Thai actress. She is best known for her roles in Last Summer, May Who?, and Hormones: The Series.

Why does Punpun punch Aiko?

He just seems to use her for sex and then abuses her when he’s frustrated. When Punpun punches Aiko and she loses a tooth, he remembers how she looked in elementary school when she had a gap in that very space as she waited for her adult tooth to grow in.

Why is Punpun black?

When drunk or cold, he appears with large, hairy nostrils and a gaping frown. His entire form turns black whenever feeling extremely depressed or angry. Although his limbs are usually thin, black lines, his hands sometimes take on a fleshed out, human form, though still pitch black..

Why did Punpun become a pyramid?

It was the matter of finding the simplest 3D object.” “Interviewer: So why does Punpun become a pyramid? Asano: It’s the simplest polyhedron, and if you make it the most minimal shape it turns in to a tetrahedron. It was the matter of finding the simplest 3D object.”

What should I read after Punpun?

10 Manga to Read If You Loved Goodnight PunPun

  • 10/10 Scum’s Wish by Mengo Yokoyari.
  • 9/10 Flowers of Evil by Shuzo Oshimi.
  • 8/10 No Longer Human by Junji Ito.
  • 7/10 20th-century boys Naoki Urasawa.
  • 6/10 A Lollypop or a Bullet by Kazuki Sakuraba & Iqura Sugimoto.
  • 5/10 Not Simple by Natsume Ono.

Is Goodnight Punpun dark?

Oyasumi Punpun is one of the darkest, depressing manga, with a realistic story to date and let me tell you this: the author attention to details are insane.

Why does Punpun look like a bird?

The primary reason that Punpun and his family are depicted as bird symbols is to give readers who are used to simple symbols and who avoid difficult stories the impression that it’s a simple manga.

Does Sachi and Punpun get together?

Through working on the manga together, Sachi and Punpun grow very close. On the night of the fireworks festival, they make love for the first time, but Punpun becomes paralyzed by thoughts of Aiko. The two decide not to pursue a romantic relationship but remain close friends.

Does Punpun love Aiko?

1. child punpun In the beginning of the story in many ways Aiko provides punpun some of his happiest moments of his childhood. She makes punpun feel strong and brave and theres this child infatuation/ love that he has for her when she kisses him.

Is Punpun a good person?

Punpun is a murderer, he feels to have fall on the lowest level of humanity, and seeing Aiko as the cause of what happened, he can’t hide the resentment he feels towards her. However, his goal has not changed, he must keep that promise, his word. The journey to Kagoshima is something disturbing.

Does Goodnight punpun have a happy ending?

When I first read the ending of Oyasumi Punpun, my first thought was that it was an happy ending. Only later I found out that the author himself wrote it as the worst possible ending. However, even after a lot of thinking, I still believe that the ending is happy.

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