Who is Gojo Satoru girlfriend?

Who is Gojo Satoru girlfriend? They’ve known each for over 10 years, presumably since Gojo’s second year, with Utahime being 3 years older. Gojo is often seen teasing Utahime, eventually getting on her nerves. Due to their relationship, Utahime is quite used to his teasing and even though she gets agitated, they manage to get along when in action.

Did Gojo take his wife’s name? In being born without any of the elements vital to being part of a noble clan he is able to fully cast aside the Zenin name, taking on his wife’s name of Fushiguro. Without a cursed technique there is no ties to bind him to his name.

Why is Megumi special to sukuna? Sukuna wants Megumi as his host. There is a small chance that Sukuna can extract cursed techniques. So, he wants the Ten Shadows cursed technique. Using Megumi/his technique, Sukuna can and wants to defeat Gojo.

Why is Fushiguro a girls name? Born without cursed energy, Toji eventually left the Zenin family and married a woman, taking her name “Fushiguro”. He sold their son to the Zenin family because he believed in young Megumi’s potential to be a real sorcerer, naming him “Megumi” because it means blessings.

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Who is Itadori Yuji girlfriend?

Hence, due to the nature of the show’s subject matter, and the innate focus on converging plotlines, Jujutsu Kaisen has completely omitted Itadori’s only love interest, Yuko Ozawa.

Are there any LGBT characters in Jujutsu Kaisen?

In the manga there is an LGBT couple (confirmed). Kinji Hikari is a 3rd year student from Tokyo, apparently he is bisexual (or pansexual), he mentioned that he dated women before but currently dates a boy.

What is Megumi real name?

Megumi Yamano. Megumi (actress)

BornMegumi Yamano September 25, 1981 Japan
Other namesMegumi Furuya
Occupationtarento actress singer gravure idol
SpouseKenji Furuya ​ ( m. 2008)​

Is Megumi Fushiguro a girl?

Megumi is a tall, dark-haired boy with light green eyes (depicted as dark blue in the anime adaption), and spiky hair.

Why is Megumi a girls name?

Megumi (めぐみ, メグミ, 恵, 恵美, 愛, 恩恵, 恩) is a Japanese feminine given name. In Japanese, the word megumi means “blessing; grace.”


MeaningDifferent meanings depending on the kanji used
Region of originJapan

Does Megumi have a love interest JJK?

FushiKugi is the het ship between Megumi Fushiguro and Nobara Kugisaki from the Jujutsu Kaisen fandom.

Will Gojo tell Megumi about Toji?

Gojo tries to tell Megumi that he killed Toji, but Megumi does not give him a chance to say it. So it goes without saying that he believes that his father is still alive.

Who is Nobara’s love interest?

On Studio MAPPA’s 10th anniversary, Yuji and Nobara were drawn together with a canonical couple from the Sports Anime Yuri On Ice, Viktor and Yuri.

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