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Who is Hinagiku?

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Who is Hinagiku? Hinagiku Ao (青 雛菊 Ao Hinagiku), nicknamed as Hina, is the daughter of Tsubaki Akame and Tanuma Ao. She is around the same age group as Himawari Uzumaki. Also like Himawari, she does not attend the academy due to her late age.

Does Maria like Hayate? While less obvious than Hinagiku Katsura, Athena Tennousu and Nagi, Maria has shown progressively increasing signs of love towards Hayate and is often seen blushing while “scolding” him.

Is Hayate Gekko death? Hayate Gekkō was a Tokubestsu Jōnin from Konoha and the fiancé of Yūgao Uzuki. He was killed by Baki the sensei of the Three Sand Siblings when he discovered the plans for the Sand/Sound Invasion. Hayate’s grave was one of those robbed by Kabuto Yakushi for use in Edo Tensei.

Does Nagi like Hayate? Hayate, her butler, is indebted to her, so Hayate always saves Nagi from any accident, kidnapping, or assassination. Even though Hayate himself attempted to kidnap her for ransom money, Nagi has a crush on Hayate ever since she first met him in the kidnapping situation.

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Does Izumi like Hayate?

Izumi gets along well with Hayate and is comfortable enough to even change clothes while he is in the same room (though not for him to actually watch her change). Later on, it is implied that she has started to develop feelings for Hayate as well.

Did Hayate and Nagi end up?

In the end, the way Hayate chose Nagi and the way their romance finally began was so simple, so natural, and so satisfyingly written.

Does Hayate end up with Athena?

Both Hayate and Athena cared deeply for each other, to the point in which (disregarding their age) they decided to spend their life together. That decision was taken after Hayate left the castle and worked really hard to get a present for Athena (Chapter 184). He was able to get her a ring.

How old is Hayate?

Hayate is the title protagonist 16-year-old butler of the Sanzenin family. Hayate Ayasaki has had to work to support his parents’ bad habits since the age of nine, always moving from job to job, before he was found out to be underaged.

Is Hayate from &audition Filipino?

Hayate (Korean: 하야테; Japanese: はやて) is a Japanese trainee under HYBE Labels Japan. He is best known for participating in the reality survival show &AUDITION – The Howling -.

Who does Nagi end up with?

On the 112th fowl, Nagi and Erika will talk to Souichirou Amano so that Erika doesn’t move, at that moment Nagi confesses that he fell in love with her during the time they lived together to which the father gives them an option of how it will be from now on to which they both accept to be able to continue together.

Who is God Athena?

Athena, the goddess of wisdom and military victory, and also the patron of the city of Athens, was Hercules’ half-sister. Her parents were Zeus and Metis, a nymph.

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Table of Contents