Who is Jin Guangyao wife?

Who is Jin Guangyao wife? Qin Su (秦愫, Qín Sù) is the wife of Jin Guangyao, the leader of the Lanling Jin Clan, and the mother of Jin Rusong.

Is Nie Huaisang the mastermind? Nie Huaisang the mastermind of summoning and the chain of events which subsequently led to the death of Jin Guangyao at the hands of Lan Xichen. He controls the whole situation and deceives everyone.

Who put the hundred holes curse on Jin Zixun? Thirteen years later, Lan Wangji notices backlash scars from the Hundred Holes Curse on Su She in the Guanyin Temple. Su She defiantly admitts to cursing Jin Zixun for his arrogance, but denies intending to harm Wei Wuxian or Jin Zixuan.

What did Jin guangshan do? Jin Guangshan leads a gathering of three-thousand cultivators to Nightless City, where he pours out the ashes of Wen Qing – and, allegedly, Wen Ning – and proclaims an oath to forever oppose Wei Wuxian.

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Who does Jin has a crush on?

The oldest member of the band, Jin, revealed to E! News that he had a crush on ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ star Anne Hathaway. Sharing his celebrity crush with bandmate V, Jimin revealed that he also had a crush on Rachel McAdams.

Why did Jin Guangyao marry his sister?

Jin Guangyao is thus terrified once Madam Qin reveals that Jin Guangshan had once raped her, and as a result, Qin Su is his sister. Afraid of the many consequences to breaking their engagement, he marries Qin Su anyways, though he never sleeps with her again.

What clan is Jin from?

The Jin clan (眞氏) was a powerful noble clan of Baekje, one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea.

Jin clan.

Jin clan 眞
Founding yearunknown

What did Jin Guangyao do to his son?

In the Animation, Jin Rusong’s death is explicitly stated in Bicao’s letter to have been a plot, implying that Jin Guangyao deliberately murdered him. Jin Guangyao elaborates on this in the Guanyin Temple, claiming he did so to protect his son from suffering society’s judgment.

Is Mo Xuanyu in love with Jin Guangyao?

Unfortunately, Mo Xuanyu’s feelings for Jin Guangyao eventually turned romantic. Seen as an unremarkable cultivator and a homosexual interested in his own brother, Mo Xuanyu was driven out of the Lanling Jin Clan in disgrace.

Why did Jin change his mic?

On October 13, the members were updating ARMYs on their travels and preparation. Yet, Jin’s message on Weverse broke ARMYs’ hearts after he posted a picture of his iconic pink microphone, and it looked like it was damaged as some of the iconic crystals had come off.

How did Wei Wuxian get branded?

I don’t remember one on Lan Zhan but Wei Wuxian got one from jumping in front of a branding iron meant for Luo Qingyang (aka Mianmian)’s face in the Tortoise of Slaughter’s cave.

Who is Jin Zixun?

Jin Zixuan (金子轩, Jīn Zixuān) is the heir to the Lanling Jin Clan. He is Jiang Yanli’s husband, the father of Jin Ling, and Jin Guangshan’s only legitimate child.

How did the curse begin in holes?

What is Madame Zeroni’s curse? Madame Zeroni says that if Elya Yelnats fails to fulfill his duty of carrying her up the mountain to drink from the stream, he and his descendants will be cursed forever.

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