Who is Joyboy?

Who is Joyboy? First Joy Boy. More than 800 years ago, during the Void Century, the residents of Fish-Man Island made a promise to a great man known as Joy Boy. He attempted to raise Noah with Poseidon’s aid, but he broke his promise to Fish-Man Island due to an unknown reason. At some point, this person became a comrade of Zunesha.

Will there be Elbaf arc? The next arc after Wano will be the Elbaf arc, and it will be about Usopp. Usopp has admired the giants for a long while now, and Elbaf, the kingdom of the giants, is one of the final New World islands before Laugh Tale/Raftel, the destination of the One Piece.

Who is the most powerful Straw Hat? Monkey D. Luffy is the strongest Straw Hat Pirate member. From taking down Doflamingo to going toe-to-toe with Kaido, his exploits and achievements in the New World have been incredibly exciting.

Why Nico Robin is white? Why does her skin turn white after the timeskip? Oda draws all his characters the same skin color including Robin, Usopp, Mr. 1, etc. After the timeskip, the anime decided to switch the skintones to what Oda does.

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Who is the weakest Straw Hat?

Nami was one of the first characters to join the Straw Hat Pirates, and remains an extremely important character to the story. When it comes to strength, she’s the weakest member of the crew, which is why she often relies on clever tricks and strategies in battle.

Is Buggy a Yonko?

Surprisingly, Buggy has continued to fail upwards and now finds himself as one of the Yonko – the four most powerful pirates in the One Piece world.

How many berries is Luffy worth?

Luffy: 3,000,000,000 Berries. Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist, is a member of the Worst Generation and is now one of the Four Emperors after defeating Kaido.

Will Luffy become a yonko after Wano?

Of course luffy isn’t going to just sit somewhere basking under the title of yonko, neither will the WG care if luffy has any regard for yonko title at all. But certainly after wano, he will definitely be recognized as such.

Are the straw hats going to Elbaf after Wano?

In case the Straw Hat Pirates do head to Elbaf after Wano, the story is likely going to focus heavily on characters like Shanks, Usopp, and possibly even Nami. Of course, Luffy will be at the center of the arc, as always. The priority in Elbaf will most certainly be to locate the last Road Poneglyph.

What will be the bounty after Wano?

This granted Luffy a bounty of 30,000,000 berries, which amounts to little compared to what he has now. With Wano’s recent conclusion, the Straw Hat pirates have now reached new heights, and together, they led to the fall of not one but two Yonko in Kaido and Big Mom.

What is the next arc of One Piece after Wano?

The Great War arc will most likely follow the Laugh Tale arc. As foreshadowed by Whitebeard, once Luffy finds the One Piece, the world will get embroiled in a war the likes of which has never been seen. With his many allies and forces, Luffy will lead a war that will see the Celestial Dragons be overthrown.

What is Zoro new bounty?

After taking him down in battle, thanks to his newly awakened power of Ashura, Zoro was given a 120 million berry bounty – double his previous reward.

Why is Nico Robin bounty so high?

Of all of the Straw Hats, Robin’s bounty started the highest at 79,000,000 berries following false claims that she had sunk six Buster Call battleships in her youth. The truth, however, is that she is seen as a threat as the only person who can read poneglyphs, and a high bounty was placed on her head at a young age.

Will Nami get Zeus after Wano?

Nami can now control Zeus, a powerful thundercloud that once belonged to Big Mom. She was able to defeat Ulti, whose bounty is measured at 400,000,000 bellies. Keep in mind that members of the Tobiroppo are elite fighters within Kaido’s organization. CP0 agents will take note of this accomplishment.

What will Luffy bounty be at the end of One Piece?

Luffy: 4,056,000,000 Beri. Kaido himself has a bounty of 4.6 billion, but it’s unlikely that Luffy will be able to surpass that number, as he did have plenty of help in the battle and was knocked out multiple times.

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