Who is Juke in Rogue Company?

Who is Juke in Rogue Company? A meritorious engineer and scientist, Juke is one of the brightest minds to have ever joined Rogue Company, in search of recovering the artificial intelligence created by her and stolen by Jackal.

Who is Rogue’s husband? Therefore, Rogue considers her powers to be a curse. For most of her life, she limits her physical contact with others, including her on-off love interest and eventual husband, Gambit.

Who is the sniper in Rogue Company? Phantom is a Rogue featured in Rogue Company. Phantom is a Sniper, a Rogue Company member that excels at dealing substantial damage in long range combat. Her Nano Smoke ability reveal enemies that are in the area of the smoke. Her passive ability delays an enemy’s health regeneration when they are damaged by a firearm.

Who is Rogue’s crush? Since joining the X-Men, Rogue has become closest with her roommate, Kitty, and maintains a crush on the X-Men’s field leader, Scott.

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Is Sylvester Stallone in Rogue Company?

Sylvester Stallone is a famous action star who has potrayed some of the most iconic characters, like Rambo, who is now coming to Rogue Company. “ LIVE FOR NOTHING, OR DIE FOR SOMETHING,YOUR CALL…“. Very excited to see the legendary John Rambo joining @RogueCompany this month! Don’t miss it!

Who voices canon in Rogue Company?

Kevin Michael Richardson (born Octo) is an American actor. Known for his distinctively deep voice, he has mostly voiced villainous characters in animation and video games.

Who is the voice actor for Ronin in Rogue Company?

Tetsuo Kanao (金尾哲夫, Kanao Tetsuo, Septem) is a Japanese actor and voice actor from Tokyo attached to Theatre Company Subaru.

Why did Rogue’s hair turn white?

Her hair starts to lose its color during a battle with Magneto. Wolverine saves her in time, but after some part of her hair in the front has turned white. Magneto tries to strip her of her powers, to use them somehow to turn the world leaders into Mutants.

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