Who is Lucas in Who Made Me a Princess?

Who is Lucas in Who Made Me a Princess? Lucas is a supporting character in Who Made Me a Princess and the powerful Magician of the Black Tower. After successfully stabilizing Athanasia’s overflowing mana, he was appointed as the official companion of the crown princess.

Who Made Me a Princess Felix? Felix Robane is a supporting character in Who Made Me a Princess and serves as the personal guard of Crown Princess Athanasia de Alger Obelia. He descended from a duke bloodline and grew up alongside Claude de Alger Obelia.

Does Ijekiel end up with Athy? At some point, Jennette introduced Ijekiel to Athanasia at the palace. Ijekiel became enamoured with Athanasia at first sight. After her death, Ijekiel comforted his grieving fiancée and the two supposedly lived happily ever after.

Who is Athanasia? Saint Athanasia of Aegina (c. 790 in Aegina – 14 August 860 in Timia, Greece) was a saint who worked in the Byzantine Empire and was for a while adviser to the Empress Theodora II. She served as an abbess and was known for her miraculous healing of the sick and those seen as possessed.

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Who Made Me a Princess Claude?

Claude de Alger Obelia is a main character in Who Made Me a Princess and the current reigning emperor of the Obelian Empire. In The Lovely Princess, Claude executed Athanasia de Alger Obelia and usurped the throne by murdering Anastacius de Alger Obelia, his older brother and proper heir to the throne.

Who is Jennette in Who Made Me a Princess?

Manhwa Debut. Jennette Margarita, also known as Jennette de Alger Obelia, is a supporting character in Who Made Me a Princess and the protagonist of the fictional novel, The Lovely Princess.

Does Claude remember Athanasia?

After Felix informs him of the coma, Claude interrogates Athanasia. He states he doesn’t remember having an offspring but acknowledges she does indeed have the eyes of the royal bloodline and threatens to gouge it out.

How old is Claude from Who Made Me a Princess?

Claude took the throne at 18 years old. He met Diana when he was 23 years old. When Diana died Claude was 26 years old.

Who Made Me a Princess Athanasia child?

After reading a romance fantasy novel named The Lovely Princess, the protagonist goes to sleep and finds herself reincarnated into the infant body of Athanasia, a side character in the fictional novel who was executed by her father, Claude de Alger Obelia, for poisoning the beloved Princess Jennette Margarita.

How old is Lucas mother?

In Mother 3 (GBA), Lucas’s age was never officially stated nor confirmed. However, if Lucas is still assumed to be 7 years old, then he would only be 10 after the three-year timeskip.

How old is Athanasia?

By the time the novel ends, Athanasia is 18 years old though she has mentally lived multiple lifetimes.

What did Lucas take from Athanasia?

He grabs her face and stares at her, commenting she is interesting and he never seen anything like her. Lucas explains Blackie was born due to Athanasia’s excessive mana, Athanasia thanks him after learning she has the potential to be a powerful sorcerer but he snatches Blackie from her to eat him.

Who Made Me a Princess Lucas and Athy end up together?

In the novel canonically, FL (which is Athanasia or aka Athy) and Lucas do end up together. Their relationship builds up with a some fluffy scenes, some of which are only interpreted in the novel.

Who is Athanasia and Lucas daughter?

Attheia de Alger Obelia. Daughter of Lucas and Athanasia de Alger Obelia And also the forgotten princess. Fate was never in Attheia’s favor. Her mother died during her birth, her father ignored her, and her grandfather avoided her at all costs.

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