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Who is Mai’s first crush?

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Who is Mai’s first crush? Mai and Maki share a kiss in the manga, and Gege Akutami stated that Mai’s first love was possibly Megumi or Maki, but this isn’t said for sure. This led to some controversy towards Gege and proshippers, but it was later cleared up to be CPR.

Why did Mello kidnap Takada? The reason why Mello and Matt decided to kidnap Takada was that they learned about Near’s plan. Near had decided that in order to catch Kira, he would have his and the other investigators’ names written into a fake notebook that Kira believed was real.

Why was Takada killed? The Task Force corners her in a similar manner to how they cornered Higuchi, with Matsuda threatening to expose her. When Light picks up the Death Note and regains his memories, he kills Takada to regain ownership. Like Higuchi, Takada dies of a heart attack while blindfolded and bound in the custody of the team.

Who does Takada like JJK? Mai’s classmate Aoi Todo is Takada’s big admirer, and spends his free time watching the idol’s shows and live streams. One time Mai allows Todo to talk her into accompanying him to Takada’s meet-and-greet event, as he has a spare ticket and wants to show her how amazing his favorite idol is.

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Who is Mai’s first love JJK?

Those circumstances resulted Mai had unhealthy codependency with Maki and makes her also develops her loves to Maki, not as a sister. Maki is her first love, but she also hates Maki because Maki always trying her best and “forced” Mai to do the same, Mai hates it.

What did Takada do?

Prepared to face such an event, however, Takada kills Mello by writing his name in a piece of the Death Note she managed to secret away in her bra. Once Light hears about this, he uses a piece of the Death Note of his own to make her commit suicide.

Did Takada have eyes?

Takada gains the Shinigami Eyes from Rem, but as in the case of Higuchi, winds up captured as Kira and killed by Light’s piece of Death Note.

Is Nobara in love with Maki?

During the same event, both Maki and Nobara’s VAs live dubbed the “I respect you” scene, and later Nobara’s Japanese VA Asami Seto said that she chose this as her favorite scene because it is when she (the actress) fell in love with Maki.

Who does Mai have a crush on?

As children, Azula enjoyed teasing Mai and playing pranks on her, especially after noticing Mai’s crush on her brother Zuko. In one incident, Azula tricked Zuko into knocking Mai into a fountain by setting fire to an apple she placed on Mai’s head.

Who kidnapped Takada?

Halle Lidner tells Near that Mello has kidnapped Takada. Near orders her to stop Mello and get Takada back, or the plan will be ruined.

Is Takada alive?

Takada’s death would ultimately result in Light’s downfall. Unbeknownst to Light as he wrote Takada’s name in his torn off piece of the Death Note, Mikami had visited his safe deposit box and wrote down Takada’s name in the real Death Note just one minute later, unaware Light had the same intention.

What does Takada mean?

Takada (written: 高田 lit. “high ricefield”) is a Japanese surname. Notable people with the surname include: Junji Takada, Japanese comedian.

What family is Takada?


Kamado Family: Kanata Kamado • Sumihiko Kamado
Agatsuma Family: Toko Agatsuma • Yoshiteru Agatsuma
Other: Aoba Hashibira • Tojuro Rengoku • Tenma Uzui • Giichi Tomioka • Sanehiro Shinazugawa

How tall is Nobuko Takada?

Nobuhiko Takada
Nationality Japanese
Height 1.83 m (6 ft 0 in)
Division Heavyweight Openweight
Style Shoot wrestling
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