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Who is Maka’s love interest?

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Who is Maka’s love interest? Maka and Black Star actually are a pretty cute couple but they also both can’t stand each other. This relationship isn’t a Soul and Maka “can’t stand each other” but an actual case of “can’t stand each other”. This is one of the reasons they are simply close friends. They need space from one another.

Are Soul and Maka canon? Canon. Soul and Maka work together as partners, and deeply care for each other. Soul being a character who feels he has to protect Maka because she is not only his meister, but one of the only few people he genuinely trusts.

Is Black Star a girl? Black☆Star appears as a teenage, young man with bright, blue spiky hair with the spikes sticking in out in the manner similar to that of a star. He’s also somewhat short, being shorter than his weapon partner Tsubaki Nakatsukasa. He’s also well built for his age.

Who does Stein end up with Soul Eater? Marie Mjolnir is assigned to be Stein’s new partner as her soul wavelength is supposed to have a calming effect on the madness. After Medusa takes the form of a little girl, she instructs Crona to slip a snake into Marie’s coffee which increases Stein’s madness wavelength, and at one time renders him unable to fight.

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Who does Soul end up with?

Soul ends with Joe getting to return to life on Earth. One of the Jerrys asks him what he’s going to do with his second chance. He says that he doesn’t know but he’s going to live it fully. Life is unpredictable and you can’t control what happens next.

Does Stein like Medusa?

She had a huge crush on Dr. Stein probably because they were both doctors who loved experimenting often without limits. Medusa confessed her feelings to Dr. Stein, though he never reciprocated them and even told her that he didn’t believe Medusa can truly comprehend what true love was.

Did Maka and Soul date?

10/10 Fans Got Behind: Maka x Soul. Make and Soul are the two leading characters of the series, and fans had plenty of reasons to ship them. While their romantic relationship was never made canon – they did have a dramatic relationship full of conflict and loyalty, and fans loved it.

Why did Justin Law become evil?

Pre-Internal Investigation Arc. After the battle for “BREW”, Justin made contact with a Clown and the Flying Dutchman, having then turned to Madness due to the Clown’s Madness Infection abilities.

Are Asura and kid brothers?

He is a former member of Lord Death’s Eight Powerful Warriors, and was sealed away underneath the grounds that became the Death Weapon Meister Academy until Medusa Gorgon revives him. He is also one of Lord Death’s sons and the older brother of Death the Kid.

Who is Maka’s dad in Soul Eater?

Spirit Albarn (スピリット・アルバーン, Supiritto Arubān), also known as Death Scythe (デスサイズ, Desu Saizu), is the demon weapon partner of the late Death and father of Maka Albarn who was turned into a death scythe by his ex-wife.

How Old Is Death the Kid?

Soul Eater Statistics Chart

Death the Kid13October 31
Elizabeth Thompson16January 7
Patricia Thompson12August 1
Black Star13February 22

Does Stein become a Kishin?

Flashbacks has shown that despite NOT being a kishin at the time, Asura possessed the third eye theme commonly associated with those who become a kishin. In his Lightning Rope-madness state, Franken Stein became like a kishin.

Why does Miss Marie wear an eyepatch?

Her black eye patch — which she had worn since being blinded in her left eye by shrapnel in Sri Lanka in 2001 — made her a recognizable figure during her frequent appearances on cable and broadcast networks internationally.

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