Who is momoe trying to save?

Who is momoe trying to save? Momoe’s dream setting is a train station, where she is tasked with protecting a girl named Miwa who was sexually harassed by her father’s boss.

How old are Wonder Egg Priority members? Every egg girl is 14-years-old and a suicide victim. The heroines, Ai, Neiru, Rika, and Momoe, defend the egg girls to resurrect a friend who committed suicide. Every girl they protect brings them closer to achieving their goal.

Who is Neiru’s sister? Airu is Neiru’s identical sister, and is who Neiru is trying to bring back to life by fighting in the Egg World. Before Airu commits suicide, she stabs Neiru in the back, leaving her with a scar. After she is brought back to life, she acts as Neiru when she is missing.

How old is OHTO Ai? Ai Ohto is a main protagonist of the anime Wonder Egg Priority. She is fourteen-year-old girl that fights to revive her best friend who had committed suicide at the end of the last semester on school grounds.

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When did wonder egg end?

This is a list of all episodes in the Wonder Egg Priority anime. It aired from Janu to Ma with a total of twelve episodes. A special edition episode aired on J that served as a continuation and conclusion of the anime series.

Who is the villain in Wonder Egg Priority?

Frill is the main antagonist of the 2021 original anime series Wonder Egg Priority. She is an advanced artificial intelligence created by genius scientists Acca and Ura-Acca.

Why is Wonder Egg Priority horror?

So yes, Wonder Egg Priority is scary, because whatever supernatural danger the girls fight against, has a real-life equivalent; bullying, abuse, self-harm, mental illness, and body image issues are all very real, and for many viewers, they will hit close to home, perhaps more so than paranormal, completely fantastical …

Who does Ai Ohto like?

Sawaki: she believes that Ai has a crush on Mr. Sawaki, that this is why she is angry about her mother dating him. Ai vehemently denies that she has any feelings for Mr. Sawaki, but her reactions may be due to confusion rather than disgust.

Is Ai Ohto straight?

Ai Ohto from Wonder Egg Priority is an autistic bisexual nonbinary girl who uses he/him and she/her pronouns, and she’s dating Neiru Aonuma, an autistic trans asexual lesbian! They’re friends with Rika Kawai, an autistic pansexual kawaiicoric cutegender girl, and Momoe Sawaki, an autistic straight intersex trans girl!

What did frill do in Wonder Egg Priority?

Frill would create Hyphen, Dot, and Kirara. It is later revealed that Acca and Azusa were expecting a baby. Frill’s preprogrammed jealousy, combined with her inability to develop empathy, and her need for affection from her two creators led her to a breaking point.

Will Wonder Egg Priority be on Netflix?

Unfortunately, at the moment, this 2021 anime is not available to stream on Netflix U.S. This could be due to the fact that the series is still relatively new and with its special episode releasing just last week, there could be some hesitation from the streaming giant to acquire the anime since new content is still …

Is Wonder Egg Priority worth watching?

I really liked Wonder Egg Priority. The animation is clean, the premise is unique in a very good way and the characters were likeable while having some awesome designs. Unfortunately in the last 2 or 3 episodes way too many new elements get introduced that kinda neglect what the show actually was about.

Is Wonder Egg finished?

This March, the official website announced a one-hour “Wonder Egg Priority Special Edition” episode that will wrap up the series and reveal the “true” ending. It premiered this Tuesday, June 29th on Japanese TV and is released on several streaming platforms including Funimation.

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