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Who is Najimi crush?

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Who is Najimi crush?

Osana Najimi
ClubNo Club
PersonaLovestruck Tsundere (10/16/2016-10/18/2017)

Does Tadano have a crush on Komi SAN? Tadano admits that he has a crush on Komi after Manbagi’s confession and goes to find her, with Manbagi supporting his decision.

Who is Tadano girlfriend? Komi Shouko. Tadano Hitohito

Hitohito Tadano
AffiliationKomi Shouko (girlfriend)
FamilyTadano Jeanne (mother) Unnamed father Tadano Hitomi (younger sister)

Is Najimi a girl or a boy? Najimi insists on using the feminine suffix -chan, but has been known to switch to being referred to as a boy when convenient: like when rejecting a male classmate that confessed. Other characters often use both male and female pronouns when referring to Najimi due to nobody, even teachers, knows their birth gender.

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Who does Komi San marry?

Komi Masayoshi. She introduces herself to Tadano and Najimi as forever 17 years old.

Komi Shuuko
FamilyKomi Yuiko (mother-in-law) Komi Masayoshi (husband) Komi Shouko (daughter) Komi Shousuke (son) Komi Sadayoshi (brother-in-law) Komi Ryouko (sister-in-law) Komi Akira (niece)

Who is Komi jealous of?

Komi Can’t Communicate: Komi Becomes Jealous of Her New Classmate. Makoto Katai is a classmate with extreme social anxiety. In Episode 15, he seeks to progress his friendship with Tadano, much to Komi’s discomfort.

Is there romance in Komi San anime?

With Season 2 confirming there is mutual romantic interest between Komi and Tadano, the series has been building towards both characters acknowledging their feelings and dropping subtle hints to each other that they want to be more than friends.

Which episode Komi start dating Tadano?

Hitohito Tadano is Shoko Komi’s best friend, though he’s starting to develop romantic feelings for her. In Episode 15, he takes it to the next level.

Did Komi and Tadano have a relationship?

Komi trusts and cares about Tadano and views him as a reliable friend and companion. She consistently depends upon Tadano to help her in her quest to get friends. Other than Manbagi, Tadano is the one whom Komi has spoken out loud to the most (including phone conversations).

Does Komi San anime have romance?

The plot of Komi Can’t Communicate could be described as a massive harem anime of friends rather than love interests, with minimal fanservice or innuendo along the way.

Do Komi and Tadano start dating in the anime?

As the series progressed, Komi found herself falling in love with Tadano, and toward the end of Season 1 he began reciprocating her feelings. It is here where Season 2 picks up.

Who is Najimi sister?

Ibika Najimi (Pronounced Ee-bee-kuh Nah-jee-mee) is a female student at school, she is also the sister of Osana Najimi and a friend of Raibaru Fumetsu.

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Table of Contents
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