Who is Nanaba?

Who is Nanaba? Nanaba was a calm soldier, often staying quiet and rarely speaking unless spoken to. When faced with the prospect of Wall Rose being broken, she initially fell into despair, but quickly regained her composure and determination.

Where is the castle in Attack on Titan? Utgard Castle (ウトガルド城 Utogarudo-jō?) was an abandoned castle located within Wall Rose, close to its perimeter.

What are the cities in Attack on Titan based on? The Nördlingen walls of Bavaria, Germany. If you were looking for the town that inspired Attack on Titan, then look further no more, Nördlingen is your dream destination!

Where did Levi Ackerman live? Son of a prostitute named Kuchel Ackerman, Levi lived in the Underground. Kenny Ackerman, Kuchel’s brother takes Levi in his care noticing that his sister had passed away. Kenny taught everything he knew to Levi. He was especially skilled in the art of killing as Kenny was infamously known as Kenny the ripper.

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Who ate Ymir?

After being brought back to Marley, Ymir willingly allowed herself to be killed and was eaten by Marcel Galliard’s brother, Porco Galliard, transferring the power of the Jaw Titan to him.

What is the name of the town in Attack on Titan?

Plot. Eren Yeager is a boy who lives in the town of Shiganshina, located on the outermost of three circular walls protecting their inhabitants from Titans.

What time period is AOT set in?

The story starts with the colossal titan 102 years later (year 845 in the story), which means between 1893 and 1942 in our calendar.

What were Nanabas last words?

Nanaba’s words as she was in excruciating pain from having her limbs ripped from her body were “No! No! Father stop! Father!

Did Nanaba have an abusive father?

Nanaba’s abusive relationship with her father, alluded to during her death, was not shown or mentioned in the manga, but was revised into the anime on Isayama’s suggestion.

Where is Paradis Island AOT in real life?

The island resort is in Lake Lumot, Cavinti, located in Laguna province, south of the capital region of Metro Manila. It offers recreational activities for those who want to rent the villas on the “eco-friendly and unspoiled” private island.

What German town is AOT based on?

#1 Nördlingen, Bavaria, Germany. Located in Southern Germany, the whole walled city somewhat resembles the towns and houses in the show’s setting. At present, Germany has only three established walled towns. Aside from this city, the other two are Dinkelsbühl and Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

Why is AOT based on Germany?

The setting of attack on titan has German-esque settings and cultures, with many names resembling German figures (for example, Erwin Rommel was a WW2 commander, and Erwin Smith may be based off of that). The storyline, as it progresses, reveals some racism that largely resembles the Holocaust.

How long was YMIR a Titan?

She was a Titan for 60 years, and emerged back into human form 5 years ago. She was in training for 3 of those 5 years. She is officially listed as being 17 (on the anime’s official page), so she was 12 when she stopped aging and became a Titan. She is one of the older Trainees, being 14 when she enlisted.

Is AOT real story?

While it’s never been confirmed, the assumption is that Attack on Titan takes place in a fictional version of Europe, with the walled-in medieval cities of Germany a clear inspiration.

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