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Who is Nezuko’s child?

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Who is Nezuko’s child? Toko Agatsuma ( 我 あが 妻 つま 燈 とう 子 こ , Agatsuma Tōko?) is the great-granddaughter of Zenitsu Agatsuma and Nezuko Kamado.

Does Nezuko eat? Unlike other demons who survive on blood, Nezuko never really needs it, and she doesn’t even consume human food either. Moreover, Nezuko has never shown any signs of undernourishment as she is always ready to assist her brother with her overwhelming strength and deadly Blood Demon Art.

Why did Muzan give Nezuko so much blood? Since he didn’t know anything about the Blue Spider Lily medicine, he needed others to find the plant for him by happenstance. This is the general reason why Muzan turned Nezuko into a demon. More specifically though, was the fact that Nezuko was of Kamado blood.

Who is Zenitsu lover? Though Zenitsu fell in love with Nezuko at first sight, he was skeptical of how Tanjiro described her.

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Does Nezuko have emotions?

Nezuko also retains some of her human emotions, as she has been seen to cry when sad and smile when happy, but in general she appears more detached than her human cohorts, although she is still much calmer and less malicious than most Demons.

What rank would Nezuko be?

Nezuko is at least stronger than Daki, meaning that if Muzan could bring her back under his control, she would certainly qualify for the most prestigious title a demon can hold: a member of the Twelve Kizuki. Thanks to Nezuko’s remarkable strength, she would have to be an Upper-Moon.

Why is Nezuko so cute?

Even when she’s fighting demons, she never loses her sense of humor or good nature. Nezuko is also very protective of those she cares about, which only adds to her charm. Overall, Nezuko is an incredibly endearing character who will make you smile every time you see her onscreen.

Why does Nezuko gag in her mouth?

The muzzle is for everyone’s protection. Rather than continuing to attack, Giyu knocked the two siblings out and Nezuko woke up with her now-iconic (and strong) bamboo muzzle. Since Nezuko never actually tasted human blood, the muzzle prevents her from getting any in her mouth, whether by accident or purposefully.

Why does Nezuko stop talking?

Most importantly, Nezuko upholds a vow of silence by remaining mute throughout the series. The muzzle serves as a representation of Buddhist practices. First, it gags Nezuko, preventing her from speaking like a Buddhist monk’s vow of silence, but it also is there to suppress her desire to eat humans.

Why is Nezuko afraid of the sun?

Demons are incapable of walking out in broad daylight because the sunlight will burn them into the ashes. However, Nezuko has immunity against the sun, so she was given the name “The Chosen Demon”.

Is Nezuko sexualized?

Meanwhile, the outfit of Nezuko’s Demon Form was totally erotic as it certainly revealed too much of her body parts which weren’t necessary keeping in mind that she is just 14 years old. So, some fans took it to Twitter and lashed out at the makers of the show for sexualizing Nezuko in such an abrupt way.

Why did Nezuko’s hair change color?

Nezuko most likely has those orange tips on her hair because of the demon blood in her. Tokitou, Inosuke and Kanao (as seen in the latest cover art featuring her) most likely has coloured tips on their hair most likely because of the influence of their particular Breath Styles.

What spell is Nezuko under?

Pyrokinesis: Nezuko’s Blood Demon Art allows her to generate and manipulate special demonic flames created from her blood that are pinkish in color.

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