Who is no face in TGCF?

Who is no face in TGCF? Crown Prince of Wuyong. Two thousand years ago, White No-Face was born as the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Wuyong. He was revered and admired, said to be exceedingly glorious and esteemed. He ascended early and appointed his four vassals, one of which was Mei Nianqing, to the heavens as his deputy gods.

Why is heaven’s official blessing so good? Heaven Offical’s Blessing is an exquisite blend of mythology, romance, and mystery that has something for everyone. The way those three facets of the story move in harmony creates a story that feels epic in scale yet simultaneously extremely personal and human.

Will there be a heaven’s official blessing season 2? It’s heavenly, it’s official, and it’s most definitely a blessing—the first trailer for Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 has finally landed, teasing more beautiful scenery and more beautiful people!.

Why did Hua Cheng leave Xie Lian a ring? Instead of the defenseless boy he was before, Hua Cheng is now strong enough to protect Xie Lian. Still, we don’t quite know the significance of the ring or why Hua Cheng left it without giving it to him directly, but it symbolizes a big step in Hua Cheng and Xie Lian’s romantic relationship.

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Why did Hua Cheng lose his eye?

He originally planned to kill one of the human to forge a weapon that save the rest, but he changed his mind at the last minute and gouged out his own right eye to forge E-Ming.

Are Xie Lian and Hua Cheng in love?

The whole time though, he’s holding himself back a little–until their confession scene at the end. That’s the top of the moutain for him, the absolute peak of his love for Hua Cheng because it’s at that point Xie Lian allows himself to actually love Hua Cheng fully and completely–without fear.

How old is Xie Lian?

A handsome young, slender Chinese man who looks around 20 years old with dark, kind eyes. He has long black hair, that he keeps up in a half ponytail, and is usually seen with a simple bamboo hat. He wears simple, flowing white robes with bandages wrapped around his arms, and sometimes also around his neck.

Is Hua Cheng and Xie Lian married?

Hua Cheng is his husband and lover, as well as his most devoted believer. The two meet in the present time as Xie Lian is heading back to Puqi Shrine and manages to hitchhike on the cart of an old man heading the same direction.

What god is Xie Lian?

In the initial character concept, Xie Lian was supposed to become a flower god in charge of flowers blooming and wilting after being banished. His path of cultivation required him to abstain from worldly pleasures such as sex and alcohol.

Is heavens official blessing LGBT?

Review: “Tian Guan Ci Fu” Is an Exciting LGBTQ Romance Anime from China. Also known as “Heaven’s Official Blessing” in English, “Tian Guan Ci Fu” breaks new ground for LGBTQ representation in Chinese media—and streams on Netflix for international viewers.

Who is the strongest calamity TGCF?

Hua Cheng:: A demonic Ghost King also known as the Crimson Rain-Sought Flower or Scourge of Heaven. He is the most powerful and dangerous of the Four Great Calamities and destroyed over thirty gods and 10,000 temples in one fell swoop.

How much does Hua Cheng love Xie Lian?

Hua Cheng’s loyalty and love persisted for centuries, so much so that he was Xie Lian’s only believer at some point after the world forgot him. He ultimately comes back from death or dissipating three times for Xie Lian, wishing to never rest in peace so he can always return to him.

Who is the most powerful in heaven’s official blessing?

Jun Wu (君吾, Jūn Wú) is the Heavenly Emperor who presides over the Heavenly realm, as well as the oldest and most powerful Martial God.

Did Hua Cheng and Xie Lian kiss?

But Hua Cheng insisted a lot to get that kiss, Xie Lian almost seemed reluctant. Every kiss in the novel were real, not none came just from Xie Lian pure desire. There was always another reason to make him kiss Hua Cheng.

Why does Xie Lian wear white?

During his first banishment, Xie Lian often donned an ordinary white silk bandage to cover his face in an effort to hide his identity from the citizens and soldiers of Yong’an.

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