Who is number 8 Phantom Troupe?

Who is number 8 Phantom Troupe? Shizuku Murasaki is a major antagonist in the manga and anime Hunter x Hunter. She is a member of the Phantom Troupe, and her number within the troupe is 8.

Who is the 12 member of the Phantom Troupe? Starting things off with one of the more mysterious Phantom Troupe members, Kortopi was the twelfth person, or “Spider”, to join the group. He is not at all shy about admitting he’s the weakest member in terms of physical strength.

Who is the weakest member of the Phantom Troupe? Kortopi was the weakest known member of the Phantom Troupe when it came to physical strength and very little is known about his combat abilities. He was a natural-born Conjurer and his skill with this type was good enough to earn praise from Kurapika.

Who is number 4 Phantom Troupe? Hisoka is revealed to be member number four of the Phantom Troupe, although he only joined for a chance to fight their leader, Chrollo Lucilfer. He leaves the group when Chrollo’s Nen is sealed by Kurapika and sets out to find a way to break the seal.

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Who is Gon’s closest friend?

Killua was Gon’s closest friend throughout virtually the entire series and was willing to do anything in order to ensure his safety. His acts of loyalty ranged from murdering potential threats to abandoning his life in the Zoldyck family of assassins.

Who is the girl Gon went on a date with?

Gon and Killua return to meet Palm, prepared to face her fury upon failing to fulfill their promise, but she decides to forgive them when Gon accepts her request to have a date with her.

Who was #4 before Hisoka?

Omokage (オモカゲ, Omokage) was the first member #4 of the Phantom Troupe, who was later replaced by Hisoka.

Who is the youngest Phantom Troupe member?

Kalluto is the youngest person known to have ever joined the Phantom Troupe. There is a relatively common misconception that Kalluto is female.

Who is the 2nd strongest Phantom Troupe member?

Hunter X Hunter: The 10 Strongest Members Of The Phantom Troupe, Ranked

  • 8/10 Shizuku.
  • 7/10 Bonolenov.
  • 6/10 Nobunaga.
  • 5/10 Uvogin.
  • 4/10 Machi.
  • 3/10 Feitan.
  • 2/10 Illumi.
  • 1/10 Chrollo.

Who is the nicest in the Phantom Troupe?

I think pakunoda probably. She was one of the most of the most compassionate and she cared about Chrollo. She sacrificed herself as well so she is arguably the least terrible.

Who is the strongest Zoldyck?

Silva is the current leader of the Zoldyck Family and quite possibly the strongest member in their ranks right now. He is a Transmutation type of nen user, like his son Killua. Silva is able to transmute his aura into electricity. Speed and ferocity are two of his biggest strengths in combat.

Who is number 7 Phantom Troupe?

Franklin Bordeau (フランクリン゠ボルドー, Furankurin Borudō) is member #7 of the Phantom Troupe. He ranked fourth in physical strength among the group.

Who is the girl that trained Gon and Killua?

Biscuit is a little girl Gon and Killua meet once they enter Greed Island, who soon is revealed to be a middle-aged, muscle-bound woman in disguise. She becomes their trainer during the arc, helping to refine their nen and helping them in their search for Gon’s father while seeking her own goal.

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