Who is older Zoro or Sanji?

Who is older Zoro or Sanji? Since Zoro’s birthday is on the 11th of November, and Sanji’s is on the 2nd of March, that makes Zoro four months older than Sanji. This ties into a lot of the other differences between them, where Zoro is often beating Sanji in things neither of them can control.

Are Zoro’s eyes grey? As you can see, Zoro and Sanji hang next to one another and it is clearly shown that they have the same eye colour. Zoro has brown eyes as explained above and it appears that Sanji does too.

Is Zoro left handed? Zoro: According to One Piece wiki, Zoro is left handed. Chopper: Chopper always holds his rumble balls up with his left hand so we’re assuming he’s left handed. Robin: We can sort of assume that she’s also ambidextrous because she uses both of her hands an equal amount due to her devil fruit.

What is Zoro left eye? The theory that holds more weight in being the most Oda-esque renders Zoro as having Ocular Dominance. The theory that holds more weight in being the most Oda-esque renders Zoro as having Occular Dominance. Which has the effect of one of the eye’s being more dominant than the other, in Zoro’s case, his left eye.

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Does Zoro have 1 eye?

After the two-year time skip which saw the Straw Hat Gang disbanded and ultimately reunited, Zoro returned with a large scar on his left eye, which was also completely closed. The scar seems to indicate that Zoro lost his eye and that the injury was really big.

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How old is Zoro One Piece now?

Luffy is first introduced to One Piece at 7 years old, though only briefly. For the main portion of the show, Luffy is 17 years old. Then after a 2 year time skip between seasons 14 and 15, he turns 19 years old. Roronoa Zoro is a few years older than Luffy at 19 years old, turning 21 after the time skip.

Who hurt Zoro’s eye?

In the manga, it showed he lost it by throwing the little blade of Mihawk, like he did for the cursed sword, but he wasn’t ready for even the tiny little knife and he loses his eye.

Is Zoro blind in his eye?

It was there Oda opened up about his decision to blind Zoro in one eye back in the day, and it seems the mysterious injury was planned from the very beginning of One Piece!

What color are Sanji’s eyes?

While Sanji’s eyes usually seem black, he was depicted with grey-blue eyes in the anime at the beginning of Thriller Bark Arc. This is shown again during the Punk Hazard Arc, when Trafalgar Law switched Sanji into Nami’s body, and her usual brown eyes became grey-blue in color.

How did Zoro get his eye scar?

While sparring with Mihawk, Zoro dodged to the wrong direction. He’s suppose to dodge to the right but instead moved to the left, thus the left eye scar.

What race is Luffy?

Monkey D. Luffy: Japanese (Samurai attire) Roronoa Zoro: German (Lederhosen) Nami: American (Cowboy attire)

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