Who is Pope and Julia’s dad?

Who is Pope and Julia’s dad? Trivia. J’s mother Julia was Pope’s sister but only Craig and Deran’s half sister. Pope and Julia’s father Colin has a brother named Jed. Jed and his wife Laney have four sons: Odin, Jeremy, David, and Mike.

Who did they dig up at the end of Animal Kingdom? Catherine in ‘Animal Kingdom. ‘ Pope got rid of Catherine’s body in the desert and it has taken literal years for it to be dug up. Now, not only are the Codys still in danger of being caught with $1 million of stolen cash, but Catherine’s murder is sure to be traced back to them.

Is J Baz’s son on Animal Kingdom? To his surprise, J discovers the title might actually belong to one of his “uncles.” Animal Kingdom reveals Baz — Smurf’s adopted son — as J’s dad. Season 3 seemed to confirm that fact, despite Season 6’s flashbacks reverting to the idea of J having an unknown father.

Why did Smurf leave Pamela? Smurf frequently said the Codys couldn’t survive without her; in fact, it’s one of the last things she screamed at them before her Season 4 death. Therefore, Smurf might have put Pam in her will, knowing her sons and grandson would seek her out.

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What did Smurf do to Julia?

| After discovering that Julia had been ripping her off, Smurf violently threw her daughter out of the house, keeping her car, her clothes — everything but her drugs, which the Mother of the Year said she’d need when she was reduced to turning tricks.

Does Pope adopt Lena?

Episode Count. Lena Blackwell is the daughter of Barry “Baz” Blackwell and Catherine Belen. She is the adopted niece of Deran, Craig and Pope Cody. She is also the adopted cousin and the half-sister of J Cody and the adopted granddaughter of Janine “Smurf” Cody.

What happens to Darren at the end of Animal Kingdom?

We never got to see Deran contact Renn to tell her about Craig’s fate or being successful at tracking down Adrian. Deran simply walked away somewhere, after leaving Craig on a cliff, forcing the fandom to speculate how things went for the show’s queer male lead from that point onward.

Is Darren Smurfs real son?

He is the fourth and final child of his mother, Smurf, the younger half-brother of twins Julia and Andrew, and the younger half-brother of Craig. He also has an older adoptive brother named Barry Blackwell.

Is Craig Smurfs real son?

Yes, Craig is Smurf’s real son through her relationship with Jake Dunmore. He is the third child among the Cody siblings. He makes his first appearance in Animal Kingdom’s pilot episode.

Why did Smurf adopt Baz?

In the first two seasons of the show, the story primarily focused on Smurf’s relationship with her four sons and nephew, and we’ve always known that her oldest son, Baz, was adopted by Smurf around the age of 12 after he was being abused by his father.

Who killed Kathryn on Animal Kingdom?

In an attempt to protect herself, Cath has sex with Pope. Once it is over, Pope smothers her with a pillow and buries her body in the desert along with her bags. At the end of season 5, Catherine’s body is discovered at a new construction site.

What happens to Nicky in Animal Kingdom?

Mia (Sohvi Rodriguez) was right when she said Nicky didn’t belong in J’s world. Eventually, the lifestyle took a toll on her, and she turned to heroin.

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