Who is Ritsu shipped with?

Who is Ritsu shipped with? Ritsu Sakuma/Izumi Sena is a relationship between two members of Knights, Ritsu Sakuma and Izumi Sena. It’s a prominent ship in Ensemble Stars fandom.

Who is Tori Himemiya shipped with? Tori Himemiya/Hajime Shino is the relationship between Tori Himemiya from fine and Hajime Shino from Ra✽bits.

Who is Mika shipped with Enstars? Arashi Narukami/Mika Kagehira is the relationship between Arashi Narukami from Knights and Mika Kagehira from Valkyrie.

What is the most popular ship in Ensemble Stars? Adonis/Souma seem to be the biggest ships for both characters. Wataru/Eichi is very popular. Aira is mainly shipped with Hiiro Amagi.

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What does Koga call Ritsu?

Koga calls Ritsu “Ricchii”/Ritchie and Ritsu calls Koga “Corgi”/”Koogii”, which is rly cute omg.

What does Ritsu call Leo?

They are unitmembers and they both play piano and have played piano together once, They call eachother cute nicknames too, Ritsu used to refer to Leo as “Ou-sama” which is king, but since Leo is no longer King, Ritsu refers to him as Tsukipi to avoid confusion.

Is there romance in K-On?

The girls are kind of shy about romance. Even where any type of attraction exists, it’s not pursued. For instance, the first song that Mio ever writes is actually inspired by what she observes about Mugi. Mugi’s whole demeanor changes when she looks at Sawako and certain other girls.

How old is Ritsu?

Ritsu Tainaka

First Appearance
Also Known AsRicchan Ritsu-senpai President Ritsu Prez Tainaka-san Ritsu-san Private Ricchan
BirthdayAugust 21, 1991

What happened between REI and Ritsu?

Rei is in limerence with Ritsu, much to the latter’s revulsion. Whenever Rei sees Ritsu, he is quick to drop everything and tell his brother how cute he is, no matter what he was doing. Ritsu, expressing disgust, pushes him away and even goes as far as to tell him to die.

Why is Madara called Mama?

He calls himself “Mama” in an effort to project the accepting, maternal nature of mothers, as well as the fact that Madara wants to experience the failure that comes with being unable to truly assume this role.

Why does HiMERU talk in third person?

HiMERU speaks solely in third person to separate his idol identity from his true self, and refers to HiMERU, as well as HiMERU’s thoughts, opinions, and interests, as distinct from his own.

How many OVA does K-On have?

K-ON! (Anime)

TV anime: K-ON!
NetworkTBS, BS-TBS
Original runApril 3, 2009 – June 26, 2009
OVA: Live House!

Does Takano and Ritsu get together?

Manga debut. Ritsu Onodera (小野寺律, Onodera Ritsu) is a main character in the Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi series. He develops a relationship with Masamune Takano, although he has yet to actually make it official.

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