Who is Salan versatile mage?

Who is Salan versatile mage? Ye Chang, or notoriously known in the World of Magic as Red Cardinal Salan of the Black Vatican, is the stepmother of the main protagonist Mo Fan and the biological mother of Ye Xin Xia.

Is there a versatile mage anime? The anime series is based on the fantasy light novel series titled Versatile Mage by Chaos. The previous seasons see Mo Fan, his struggles, and his victory in honing his powers.

Does Mo Fan become evil? It was quickly admitted by Archangel Sariel that he had set Mo Fan up to become the next Evil Sacred God, an Emperor Level Dark King in order to justify killing him for the survival of humanity.

Is Mo Fan the strongest? If the Author and in his novel NEVER SAYS Mo Fan awakened more Elements or his newly awakened Elements have reached Full FC, it is pure head canon to say that Mo Fan is strongest Mage in human history.

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Who is Mo Fan 3rd wife?

Summoned Beasts. Fiery Hetera (he treats her like his own daughter while she calls Xin Xia her first mother, Mu Ning Xue as her Second mother, Mu Nu Jiao as her third mother, Ai Tutu as her fourth mother).

What is Mo Fan 7th element?

There are 20 elements in total, however, one of them, the Demon Element is exclusive to the Protagonist Mo Fan. The seven primary elements of magic are Ice, Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, Light, and Lightning. Black Magic, White Magic, and Dimensional Magic are generally only available at intermediate level.

Who is Mo Fan sister?

Ye Xinxia is Mo Fan’s step-sister with no blood relationship. She awakens the Healing Element at Novice stage, which is an even more rare occurrence than awakening Lightning Element.

What is the 5th element of Mo Fan?

Given time, Mo Fan awaken even all Elements in Black and White Magics. However, like his new 5 Elements of Wind, Water, Light, Ice and Sound, Forbidden Curse Mage Mo Fan must training them to Forbidden Curse Tier to awaken their true potential.

Who gave Mo Fan the pendant?

Little Loach is the magic tool granted to the protagonist Mo Fan in the beginning of the series by its last guardian clan protector’s descendant Old Man Ying. It is the physical vessel of Sacred Totem Azure Dragon’s soul. It interdimensionally brought the 15 year old Mo Fan to the World of Magic.

Is Mo Fan stronger than MU Ningxue?

Abilities and Powers. Mu Ningxue devotes all her time into cultivation and is known as Ice Beauty. Her powers are only second to Mo Fan.

How many beasts does Mo Fan have?

One of the three Princess next in the line of succession for the position of the Medusa Queen,the Seven Great Beasts.

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