Who is Shiro in Orient?

Who is Shiro in Orient? Shirou is a mysterious Bushi and a member of the Obsidian Eight. He chases the Obsidian Goddess in order to achieve the strongest Kitetsu Sword. He is a young, tall and muscular man with short spiky silver hair.

Is Obsidian a girl? Obsidian Girl (Also known as Project Ultra and Sarah Gibson) is a female metahuman genomorph, a hybrid clone of many members of the Justice League. She is one of the main characters of Young Justice.

Is Michiru the obsidian goddess? Michiru is the 3,000th child from Yataro. Yataro tried to make an “Obsidian Goddess”, and she was created. Yataro told Musashi the truth behind the Michiru: she isn’t a regular human. She is the daughter of an oni.

Does Musashi get stronger Orient? Shiro explains that Musashi can become stronger if he lets himself go during the Kitetsu Sword trial.

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Why did Michiru turn into a beast man?

Michiru Kagemori, the protagonist of Studio Trigger’s new anime BNA: Brand New Animal, was once an ordinary human girl. A blood transfusion following a car accident, however, resulted in her turning into a beastman, specifically a tanuki.

Who killed Michiru?

Michiru is even the one to nominate Nana as their new leader after the presumed death of Nanao. Eventually, Michiru is lead into the forests where she is ambushed by the sadistic Tsurumigawa Rentaro, a psychopath who despised “cute things” and would hack them up with knives.

Does Musashi end up with Michiru?

After finally realizing his daughter is not the same as himself, Michiru manages to break free of her father and escapes with Musashi.

What is the black aura in Orient?

Users with a black soul are said to be masters of the Touki (Sword Spirit), this is a unique condition caused by having a black crystal within oneself or being the host to the Obsidian Goddess.

What anime is Obsidian Goddess in?

In Orient’s finale, it is revealed that Shiro and Nanao Inukai are working alongside six mysterious figures to capture the Obsidian Goddess.

Who is the obsidian 8 in Orient?

The Obsidian Eight ( 黒 こく 曜 よう 石 せき の 八 はち 人 にん , Kokuyōseki no Hachinin) is a mysterious group of eight Bushis who are fighting on the side of Onis.

What powers does Michiru have?

Powers and Abilities. Bunny Ears: Michiru’s ears can elongate resembling rabbit’s ears allowing her to hear conversations from far away or listen through walls or doors. Bird Beak: Michiru can turn her mouth into a bird’s beak allowing her to amplify her voice.

What is the Obsidian Goddess in Orient?

Obsidian Goddess (黒曜の女神, Kokuyō no megami) is a mysterious entity that hides in Musashi’s body. She is chased by The Obsidian Eight.

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