Who is stronger Genthru or Gon?

Who is stronger Genthru or Gon? 10/15 Weaker Than Gon: Genthru’s Nen Is Feeble Before Gon’s Current Jajanken. Genthru, also known as The Bomber, is someone who Gon has already traded blows with. As the main antagonist of the Greed Island arc, Genthru was defeated by Gon in an intense fight.

Who is stronger Gon or DEKU? Their powers derive from different sources, but both share a similar power. I feel that Gon’s powers are a little more developed and has more experience in combat. For this reason, I would give Gon the edge of Deku.

Does Gon lose his arm with Genthru? Rejecting a plan formulated by Killua, Gon wants to teach Genthru a lesson for his actions. And the hunter succeeds in doing this, defeating Genthru but losing an arm in the process.

Did Gon lose an arm? Election Arc: Left arm became a twig-like withered husk, until healed by Nanika. Only appendage we fully see while he’s in this state. (Right arm presumably still severed, until healed by Nanika.)

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How old is Genthru?

4/10 Genthru — Unknown. His age is not mentioned, but considering his appearance, he’s probably anywhere between twenty and thirty years old.

Can Chrollo beat Genthru?

He led to countless deaths in the game, and needed to be stopped by Gon. Genthru’s Nen ability allowed him to plant bombs, which gave him the moniker of “The Bomber.” Despite his deadly abilities, Genthru wasn’t able to defeat Gon in a fight. If he were to come up against Chrollo, he’d lose within minutes.

Who is stronger Genthru or hisoka?

Hisoka would win 9-10 : 10 times, But I wonder whether little flower could have blown off his arm ,if he didn’t use gyo in time?

How strong is knuckle shooting?

Knuckle and Shoot are students of Morel who made their introduction during the Chimera Ant arc. Considered to be powerful enough to fight the Chimera Ants, the two fought and defeated Killua and Gon and won the right to go to NGL.

How strong is a Bisky?

Also known as Bisky, Biscuit Krueger is a Double-Star Stone Hunter with tremendous skill. One of the strongest people in the entire show, Bisky possesses great information on Nen and enough aptitude to pass that knowledge of Nen on to others — such as Wing, Gon, and Killua.

Is adult Gon stronger than Meruem?

Despite his abilities, Meruem would still lose to adult Gon. Though Meruem would have been unmatched at the start, the trials of the Chimera Ant Arc transformed Gon into Meruem’s greatest threat.

Who is the strongest hunter?

1. Adult Gon – the most powerful Hunter x Hunter character. Although Meruem was naturally the strongest character in Hunter x Hunter (2011), Gon surpasses his power through limitless rage after the murder of his friend and mentor, Kite.

Is Genthru stronger than biscuit?

Bisky would pound Genthru into the ground. She’s a double star hunter, has superhuman strength and mastery of all Nen categories. Genthru wouldn’t stand a chance against her.

Does Gon beat Genthru?

Gon’s battle with Genthru continues as he is overpowered by Genthru’s experience. After commencing his plan, Gon finally defeats Genthru. After the defeat of all the Bombers, Gon, Killua, and Biscuit, by taking the Bombers’ cards and being offered cards by Goreinu, succeed in obtaining all the cards.

What Nen type is Genthru?

Abilities. Genthru is a skilled Nen user. A Conjurer-type who uses explosives-themed abilities to destroy his opponents or complete Greed Island.

Can hisoka defeat Genthru?

Without prep, Hisoka probably wouldn’t be able to run away as quickly as he did against Gotoh’s coins, and most likely not from the approaching Genthru too. With prep, though, I don’t think he will let Genthru approach him. Most likely Genthru will fall to the same trick as Gotoh did.

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