Who is stronger gun or goo?

Who is stronger gun or goo? Gun suffered a scare near the eye region, but personally I would say Goo took more damage. However, Gun is a master fighter in terms of martial arts. Whereas Goo is the master of utilizing his surroundings as weapons for fights.

How strong is DG Lookism? As the legend of the first generation, DG is immensely powerful and is one of the strongest fighters in the series, even sometimes it’s said that he is the strongest. He single handedly took down Darius Hong and his gang with ease, showing prodigal skill in combat.

Why are guns eyes black Lookism? Gun’s most distinguishing trait is his pitch black eyes with white irises, this is as a result of him being constantly in the Ultra Instinct state.

Does Crystal find out about Daniel Lookism? Episode 162. Crystal is shocked to see Daniel does not have two bodies. She runs to Duke’s house and spots them in real time, proving they are two different people.

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Who is Crystal in Lookism?

Crystal Choi (최수정 Choi Soo Jung) is a secondary character in Lookism. She is currently a student in J High School. Like Daniel, she also has two bodies.

Does Jay from Lookism like Daniel?

Up to this point of this story, it seems that he shows excessive attention to Daniel. He is very generous, kind and observant to him, but not so much to everyone else, Leading many fans to conclude that he has feelings for him.

Does Eli Jang like Crystal?

Crystal Choi. Eli Jang seems to have a crush on Crystal’s original body, as shown in Chapter 121, in which the narrator points out that he is attracted to Crystal and hands her a carton of milk, causing Daniel to feel jealous.

Who died in Lookism?

Most importantly, Jiho’s death bears a suspicious resemblance to that of Olly Wang’s, and these are the two of the only major deaths so far in Lookism. Both fell from a tall building, and both seemed to have suffered some mental trauma before they fall to their death.

Who is Daniel’s love interest in Lookism?

Zoe Park was the first person to ever flirt with Daniel. She initially had a crush on Daniel in his new body, however, as time passed she started to like him in his old body.

How did Daniel get his second body?

Daniel’s second body had been passed down for generations and Charles Choi killed the previous owner, James Lee, in order to acquire the second body.

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