Who is stronger Tang SAN or Huo yuhao?

Who is stronger Tang SAN or Huo yuhao? Tang san is stronger than huo yuhao but I think what truly makes him fearsome is the fact that he is extremely intelligent. In dd 2.5, former emotion God said that the whole chaotic situation in the gods realm was actually completely under tang san’s control.

How strong is Tang Xuanyu? Its capable of instantly dropping a Dragon-type opponents overall battle capability by 2/3 instantly through bloodline suppression. It is even able to affect god ranked Dragon types while Lan Xuanyu is not god-ranked.

How many soul rings does Tang San have? Because the spirit beasts’ cultivation was pushed from 90,000+ years to 100,000 years due to Tang San’s simultaneous absorption of three rings, ALL OF HIS ATTRIBUTES including the innate abilities of the three Ant Emperors were increased.

Does Tang San lose all his spirit rings? Tang san will have to give up 5 of his rings to revive her. Rings: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 from Blue Silver Grass will be used to revive her. After feeding Xiao Wu ( in rabbit form) a Immortal Herb, Xiao Wu assumes human form.

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Who is Tang wutong?

Tang Wutong was born as the first child and only daughter of Tang San and Xiao Wu. Growing up in the God Realm, she was known for being a troublemaker who always caused mischief for the other gods.

Does Tang San love Xiao Wu?

Tang San meets Xiao Wu at the Nuoding Academy. They immediately become great friends and training partners. When Tang San visits the Holy Spirit Village during his holiday with Xiao Wu, he adopts her as his little sister. The two become inseparable and trusts each other immeasurably.

What happened to Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena?

Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena were inflicted with amnesia, and thus were given the identities of Tang Le and Na Na respectively. Tang Le was going to be groomed to become an idol / singer star. Na Na is going to be a school teacher.

Who is Huo yuhao?

Appearance. He is the main protagonist of soul land 2, He has a moderately well-shaped stature. He has short black hair (blue in the manhua) neat and tidy, his small and handsome face revealing an unswerving determination, far exceeding what a person his age should be able to muster.

What level is Tang Hao?

Before age 25, Tang Hao underwent the 2 year long Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer training that Tang San conducted at the fortieth rank, resulting with Tang Hao becoming rank 49.

Who is the strongest in soul Land 2?

Yuhao succeeds in the seat as “God of Emotions”, a Core God position, the strongest one in the 1st class.

Is Tang Wulin a God?

Tang Wulin is the only currently known Divine Blacksmith who can create a divine tool tier 4-word Battle Armor and its only possessor. He is the first Super God in the history of the Douluo Federation.

Who is the strongest God in soul land?

The Supreme God-King can also siphon strength from everything in the God-Realm, including other Gods and their Divine Weapons. It’s also called the King of God-Kings because some of those gods who they can siphon power from are also God-Kings themselves.

How did Tang San become Asura God?

Tang San became the Asura God during the final battle with the Rakshasa Goddess and Angel Goddess in a state of god duo coexistence with the Sea God. He defeated both gods resulting in the death of Bibi Dong and the shattering of the Seraphim spirit of Qian Renxue.

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