Who is stronger than Natsu?

Who is stronger than Natsu? 6/10 God Serena Was The Mightiest Wizard On The Continent Of Ishgar, Where Natsu Lives. There’s no denying that God Serena is more powerful than Natsu seeing as he was the most powerful wizard on the entire continent.

Who can beat Goku in a fight? Rimuru might seem powerless, but he can solo Goku and his friends simultaneously. At the start of the series, Rimuru wasn’t that powerful. But, slowly, he gains several fascinating magic abilities and unique skills that make him one of the strongest characters in the anime world.

Why is Natsu so weak? Natsu was weaker when he was first introduced, as he required fire just to keep his powers going. Though he appeared dangerous, if he was low on fire he was easily defeated, and he couldn’t simply generate his own.

Who can beat end Natsu? 3/10 ROGUE (CAN BEAT). Natsu has shown that he is able to handle both of those moves without fuss. Natsu was even shown to be too strong for a future version of Rogue, who had Shadow, White, and Dragon supremacy magic. Rogue would put up some resistance against Natsu, but he would inevitably lose.

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Can Erza beat Goku?

Erza is likely to remain on top. Even if Goku Black is powerful than her, she could take him down one way of another. She was able to surpass her limits by defeating a giant space rock and surviving any hits from any opponent in any battle.

Can Gilgamesh beat Goku?

Gilgamesh can actually beat Base Form Goku (DBZ) because with full power Enuma Elish (Ea is an Anti-World Noble Phantasm, likely capable of overpowering Akhilleus Kosmos, which embodies the World. When used in Fate/strange fake, it would have destroyed the World without Enkidu’s intervention).

Can DEKU beat Goku?

No. Goku was nearly at lightspeed in dragon ball, as seen through his after image technique. Even all might took 30 seconds to cross a 5 kilometer span which is most definitely not light speed. Therefore Goku speed blitzes Deku.

Can shaggy defeat Goku?

As part of the Saiyan race, Goku is naturally stronger than Shaggy, so even with Shaggy using the Ultra Instinct, his autonomous attacks would not come close to the power of Goku and his Super Saiyan transformation while using the Ultra Instinct.

Can Goku defeat demon slayer?

If Goku ever found himself in Demon Slayer’s world, he would easily stand at the top of both the Demon Slayer Corps. and the Upper-Rank Demons. Demon Slayer may be taking the new generation of anime by storm, but its power scale is incredibly soft when compared to that of the last gen.

Who’s stronger Luffy or Natsu?

Natsu has fire powers and can absorb magic but the problem is that luffy doesn’t use magic and has haki. Therefore Natsu would be brutally intimidated and no attacks would affect luffy. Natsu’s however, is powerful, but only in Etherious form could he even stand a chance.

Who can beat Goku in DC?

8 DC Characters Who Could Beat Goku From Dragon Ball Z

  • 8/8 The Spectre Is Beyond Anything Goku Has Ever Faced.
  • 7/8 Martian Manhunter’s More Passive Powers Would Give Him The Win.
  • 6/8 Zatanna Would Beat Goku With A Few Words.
  • 5/8 The Anti-Monitor Has Destroyed Entire Universes.
  • 4/8 Wally West Would Beat Goku In Seconds.

Who wins Luffy or Goku?

Essentially, Goku is already a formidable foe without his Saiyan abilities, and this combination would make him the victor against Luffy’s Gear Fifth. So far, there are four major Gear Fifth techniques that Luffy has shown. The two major techniques are the Gum-Gum Giant and the Gum-Gum Jump Rope.

What is Natsu’s strongest spell?

Dragon Force (竜の力ドラゴンフォース Doragon Fōsu): By consuming Etherion or the Flame of Rebuke Natsu has been shown to be able to enter Dragon Force. This ability is said to be the final and most powerful state a Dragon Slayer can attain, and it has been said that their power becomes comparable to that of a real Dragon’s.

What gods could Goku beat?

3 Gods of Destruction Goku will beat. Sidra’s universe, Universe 9, was the first to be destroyed in the Tournament of Power. Sidra’s fighters have already been surpassed by the Z fighters. Sidra also had his Destruction sphere blocked and redirected by Frieza. He appears to be at Golden Frieza level.

Is Natsu the strongest dragon?

5/10 STRONGEST: NATSU. Let’s be honest: Natsu is frequently shown to not be as strong as Laxus, but that’s only when it’s an everyday fight. Natsu’s status not only as a Dragon Slayer that had a dragon living within him but also as E.N.D. means he’s got access to power most people can only dream of.

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