Who is Takayuki Yagami based on?

Who is Takayuki Yagami based on? 8/10 Two Actors For One Man. Takayuki Yagami’s character modeling is based on his voice actor, the famed Takuya Kimura. He’s had many starring roles in films and television, but Judgment is his first video game appearance.

What anime is Liliana from? Liliana (リリアナ, Ririana?), is the titular female protagonist of the anime The Hows of Me and Liliana. She is Tatsuya Nagare’s girlfriend, a woman who was discovered out of nowhere, whom everything about her is shrouded in mystery.

How many episodes are there of Wagaya no Liliana SAN? Wagaya no Oinari-sama, also known as “Our Home’s Fox Deity” is a fun action-comedy anime series. The 24 episode show revolves around two brothers and a Fox deity who protects them from various spiritual creatures, not all of whom are evil.

What anime is Nozomu from? Nozomu Sunohara (春原 望, Sunohara Nozomu?) is a supporting character from the anime The Hows of Me and Liliana, appearing as a classmate of Tatsuya Nagare, Kouta Kazama, Aki Hayami and his love interest Shiori Takanashi, before he and Shiori become secondary protagonists in the second half of the series when the Hyakki …

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What anime is Hayami Aki from?

Aki Hayami (速水 綾希, Hayami Aki?) is the childhood friend and love interest of Kouta Kazama and a supporting character who, along with Kouta, would ascend to the role of tertiary main characters in the second half of the anime The Hows of Me and Liliana.

Who does Takayuki end up with?

In the original series, Takayuki ends up with Mitsuki. While on the OVA “Kimi ga nozomu eien: Next Season”, he ends up with Haruka.

Is Rumbling Hearts sad?

Rumbling Hearts Tells a Story With Incredibly Real Tragedy. As inane as some decisions may seem, they’re all understandable given where the characters are at that point in their lives. Even if viewers want Takayuki to make a decision and move on, his being unable to choose a woman to love makes a sad amount of sense.

What happens in the end of Rumbling Hearts?

In the final episode, she walked to the hilltop in which her and her friends used to hang out and she met Takayuki, who decided to be with her. She tried to run away, but he tells her that he loves her and she is not simply Haruka’s replacement anymore, since he said goodbye to Haruka.

What is Takayuki Yagami fighting style?

Fighting Styles. Yagami is a master of various martial arts. In Judgment, he uses two styles based around Tiger Kung Fu and Crane Kung Fu, which are named after them in the Western version; in terms of the Shaolin five-animal Kung Fu school, Tiger and Crane are considered opposites.

What happens to Haruka in Rumbling Hearts?

She gets in an accident while Takayuki was buying Mitsuki a ring for her birthday. Three years later, she wakes up from her coma, and does not known how much time has passed due to anterograde amnesia. She attempts to resume her relationship with Takayuki, much to Mitsuki’s dismay.

What happens in Rumbling Hearts?

Being a shy, timid girl, Haruka is set up with Takayuki by her friend, Mitsuki, while she is in high school. The two quickly become close, and develop an intimate relationship. She is involved in a serious accident and ends up in a coma. The main thrust of the story begins when she awakens three years later.

Does Shiori like Juri?

It is unclear if Shiori returns Juri’s feelings in the anime. However, in Kunihiko Ikuhara’s commentary included in the 2011 English re-release of the Black Rose Saga, it is implied that Shiori does have feelings for Juri as it states: “I finally realized the truth. To think that she loved me back!

Who is Shiori InuYasha?

Shiori is a young hanyō, and a protagonist in the anime InuYasha. from Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon in the English version as an adult.

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