Who is Tanjiro’s crush?

Who is Tanjiro’s crush? But Demon Slayer introduced Tanjiro’s main love interest briefly, and she doesn’t really return until the end of the season, when she is fighting against him. His love interest that develops as the story goes on is Kanao Tsuyuri and their romance is quite adorable.

What is Nezuko age? Nezuko Kamado is one of the youngest characters in Demon Slayer as she is only 12 years old at the start of the story when she is turned into a demon.

Why Nezuko is not affected by sun? However, she wasn’t immune to the sunlight initially, as she got burned badly at first. So, in conclusion, her coming from a Sun Breathing user’s lineage and not relying on human substance are perhaps the reasons for her immunity.

Who is Nezuko’s child? Toko Agatsuma ( 我 あが 妻 つま 燈 とう 子 こ , Agatsuma Tōko?) is the great-granddaughter of Zenitsu Agatsuma and Nezuko Kamado.

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Can Nezuko go in the sun?

Nezuko isn’t like other demons, which is how she was given the name “The Chosen Demon.” The reason behind this is because unlike other demons, she can actually walk in the sunlight without getting burned.

What would happens if Nezuko tastes blood?

If Nezuko were to taste blood, it’s likely that she would lose control completely, forcing Tanjiro and other demon slayers to kill her. So the bamboo gag really protects Nezuko as well as the other humans the slayers may encounter on their journey.

What happens if Nezuko eats a human?

If Nezuko eats a human, it is said that she will be 1st or 2nd strongest uppermoon. This is because if people read the Manga they will know that Nezuko has overcome the sun. Also, I think if Muzan is happy to give her blood, he will give her a lot because she can find the blue flower any time.

What happens if Nezuko takes off her bamboo?

If she took off her muzzle, she could possibly hurt someone without the intention or realising when she loses control. In the manga, Nezuko conquers the sun, so she does not need the muzzle as she can also now speak and control herself a bit more.

Is Nezuko sexualised?

Meanwhile, the outfit of Nezuko’s Demon Form was totally erotic as it certainly revealed too much of her body parts which weren’t necessary keeping in mind that she is just 14 years old. So, some fans took it to Twitter and lashed out at the makers of the show for sexualizing Nezuko in such an abrupt way.

What rank would Nezuko be?

Nezuko is at least stronger than Daki, meaning that if Muzan could bring her back under his control, she would certainly qualify for the most prestigious title a demon can hold: a member of the Twelve Kizuki. Thanks to Nezuko’s remarkable strength, she would have to be an Upper-Moon.

Who is Tanjiro wife?

After the battle, Tanjiro returns home with his sister and friends. Later it is revealed that he married fellow slayer Kanao Tsuyuri.

Can Nezuko be killed?

I mean, disregarding her upper moon-level regeneration and demon art, in the manga, it’s revealed that she is immune to the effects of the sun. And since Nichirin blades are able to kill demons because they absorbed a lot of sunlight, beheading her wouldn’t do any good.

Why did Muzan give Nezuko so much blood?

Since he didn’t know anything about the Blue Spider Lily medicine, he needed others to find the plant for him by happenstance. This is the general reason why Muzan turned Nezuko into a demon. More specifically though, was the fact that Nezuko was of Kamado blood.

What kind of demon is Nezuko?

Of course, Nezuko never consumed any human, so Daki initially thought that she wouldn’t be able to regenerate. However, Nezuko quickly restores her body parts, which obviously comes as a shock for Daki. After that, Nezuko transforms into her Berserk Demon form, which is also called her “Awakened Form.”

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