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Who is the 3rd strongest Hashira?

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Who is the 3rd strongest Hashira? Keeping this in mind, here are all the Hashira — both old and current — ranked in terms of their overall strength.

  • 5/13 Obanai Iguro, The Serpent Hashira.
  • 4/13 Muichiro Tokito, The Mist Hashira.
  • 3/13 Giyu Tomioka, The Water Hashira.
  • 2/13 Sanemi Shinazugawa, The Wind Hashira.
  • 1/13 Gyomei Himejima, The Stone Hashira.

Can Kokushibo beat Akaza? And kokushibo is the second best swordsman. And michchikatsu is arguably the second strongest demon slayer. Kokushibo wins but is at his porcupine stage. With his porcupine stage he 16th forms and wrecks doma’s budda and shreds akaza.

Can Yoriichi beat Akaza? Akaza always held back too much, it’s clear from his movements that he’s not fully utilizing his martial prowess, meaning yoriichi should be able to win.

Can Zenitsu beat Akaza? The fight between Kyojuro Rengoku and Akaza will forever be the most enthralling fight in the history of Demon Slayer. If Zenitsu fought Akaza with his plethora of Thunder Breathing techniques, the latter wouldn’t have the time to regenerate his limbs.

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Why is Gyomei always crying?

He trained his mind and body with the hope that one day he could eradicate all demons. Gyomei is extremely emotional and caring and is always concerned for those around him. This could be the main reason why he is always crying in the Demon Slayer series.

Can Nezuko beat akaza?

In conclusion, Nezuko cannot beat Akaza in Demon Slayer. In terms of power, physical abilities, regeneration rate and overall combat ability, Akaza is far superior compared to Nezuko.

Who is the 2nd strongest Hashira?

Demon Slayer: Every Hashira, Ranked According to Strength

  • 6/12 Sakonji Was The Former Water Hashira.
  • 5/12 Tengen Uzui Was The Sound Hashira.
  • 4/12 Giyu Tomioka Is The Reigning Water Hashira.
  • 3/12 Gyomei Himejima Is The Stone Hashira.
  • 2/12 Kyojuro Rengoku Was The Flame Hashira.
  • 1/12 Sanemi Shinazugawa Is The Wind Hashira.

Who is the fastest Hashira?

Tengen Uzui. He is the fastest Hashira, and the second physically strongest. Obviously, then, Tengen Uzui is rather proud. He is demanding, fussy, boastful, and prone to selfishness. But he is also ultimately kind and caring, with great love for his three wives as well as the other Hashira.

Who was Muzan’s favorite demon?

Initially, Muzan had considered Kyogai as a special Demon with an invaluable power due to his Blood Demon Arts, earning Muzan’s favor and causing him to have high hopes for Kyogai’s continued development as a demon as he grew stronger.

Who is the most weak Hashira?

Shinobu Kocho Is The Weakest Hashira. At one point or another in the manga, all nine Hashira in Demon Slayer encountered an Upper-Rank. Of the three Hashira who were killed by Upper-Ranks — Rengoku, Shinobu and Tokito — Shinobu was the only one who was killed almost instantly when she encountered Doma, Upper-Rank Two.

Which Hashira can solo Akaza?

The last time a Upper moon was chipped was 113 years ago, and the fact that even the weakest of the Upper moon, 6, has buried many Hashira is proof of this. Gyomei can solo Douma and Akaza. Sanemi can solo just Akaza.

Can DOMA beat akaza?

AKaza is the winner Akaza evolved into a demon that only the sun can kill and kokushibo stated that akaza became a different beast so he defitently got stronger and it is very obivous that doma was a demon that could not regenrate his head because he tried tom after his eha was eevered from his poisoned body and he …

Can Gyomei defeat Upper Moon 1?

1) Gyomei Himejima. He, along with Sanemi Shinazugawa were able to beat the Upper Moon 1, Kokushibo. The demon was in awe of Gyomei’s physique and declared him to be the strongest Demon Slayer he had faced in 300 years.

Can Gyomei defeat DOMA?

2) Gyomei Himejima. Before becoming a Demon Slayer, when he was a child, he killed a demon by blowing rapid punches with his bare hands, beating it to a pulp. Doma can’t stand a chance against Gyomei’s monstrous strength and endurance.

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