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Who is the best JoJo poll?

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Who is the best JoJo poll? 2021. January 2021: The “Favorite JoJo” poll choice, with 44 or 34.38% of votes is Josuke Higashikata (JoJolion). Second place is Johnny Joestar with 24 or 18.75% of votes, third place is Joseph Joestar with 18 or 14.06% of votes.

Is jotaro the most popular? While JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has many iconic characters, Jotaro Kujo stands proud as the most popular one in the Joestar line.

What is the most popular JoJo part? Stardust Crusaders was a major hit. It’s the part that’s referenced the most in other anime, the part that so many cite as their favorite, and the part that draws in people that were on the fence about the series.

Who can beat Pucci? As for Emporio Alnino, that’s the child that beat Pucci at the end of Stone Ocean – after inheriting one of the most OP Stands in the series!

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How old should you be to watch JoJo?

This program is intended to be viewed by mature, adult audiences and may be unsuitable for children under 17.

Are pillar men immortal?

With their near-immortality and powers of regeneration, they can survive, endure attacks, and restore their bodies even after being reduced to only their brain.

What made Diavolo evil?

What Makes Him Pure Evil? Killed his mother and His stepfather, it is implied he also started a church fire which would also kill 5 more people. Although Diavolo showed his compassion to his dissociative mind, Vinegar Doppio, his treatment of him was only an accessory to stay undercover.

Who is the best JoJo villain?

Top 14 Best Villains in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

  • 8 Diavolo.
  • 7 Blackmore.
  • 6 Sandman.
  • 5 Ultimate Kars.
  • 4 DIO.
  • 3 Kira Yoshikage.
  • 2 Funny Valentine.
  • 1 Enrico Pucci.

Who is the smartest Joestar?

Jotaro is a marine biologist. He has a PhD which means it’s “Doctor Jotaro” to you. He is the smartest, and even society thinks so.

Who is the shortest character in JoJo?

Tallest to Shortest JJBA Characters

  • 174cm/5’8½”: Jolyne Cujoh.
  • 172cm/5’7+”: Giorno Giovanna.
  • 167cm/5’5¾”: Yukako Yamagishi.
  • 166cm/5’5½”: Yasuho Hirose.
  • 164cm/5’4+”: Narancia Ghirga, Foo Fighters.
  • 163cm/5’4”: Trish Una.
  • 157cm/5’2”: Koichi Hirose (drawn much shorter)
  • 140cm/4’7”: Emporio Alniño.

Who is the strongest character in JoJo’s?

1. Kars. Kars is the main antagonist of Battle Tendency and is the leader of the Pillar Men, who are some of the most powerful beings in the entire JoJo universe. Before he attained his Ultimate Lifeform state, Kars was already so powerful that he was at the level of a god.

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Table of Contents