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Who is the best legendary hero in Soul Knight?

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Who is the best legendary hero in Soul Knight? With the right buffs, I’d say the Inter-dimension traveller is the best. His skill can one-shot normal enemies and pass through objects. When it comes to utility and clearing rooms with ease, the Traveller is the very best.

Is Taoist good Soul Knight? I would say judging by skill, this is a good character and worth it. This far he is pretty good. His bad skill deals a decent amount of damage but I haven’t seen any buffs that work with it yet.

What is the scammer for in Soul Knight? The Scammer is an NPC that the player can encounter in the first room on a level. He always appears on the upper-right side of the room. He cannot be found in Boss Rush Mode. He empties the player’s last used Buff slot in exchange for gold, so that the player can choose a different Buff.

How do you unlock Taoist in Soul Knight? The Taoist can be unlocked at the cost of $1.99 or equal value in other currencies.

Taoist currently has 10 alternate skins, which include:

  • 2 Gem skins.
  • 5 Paid skins.
  • 2 Fragment skins.
  • 1 Fish Chips skin.

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Who can fix the robot in Soul Knight?

Initially, this character can be found as the Damaged Robot in the Workshop. By interacting with it using the Engineer, a prompt will come up asking for 20 Parts and 20 Batteries to fix it. When fixed, the Robot will say “Hello World!”.

Is assassin good in Soul Knight?

Assassin has moderately low health and armor values but high critical chance and melee damage. Regarding his stats, he is quite a glass cannon. If used efficiently, he can clear waves in seconds. However, taking damage once to twice can easily bypass his armor and even kill him.

Are there secret rooms in Soul Knight?

Secret Signal Room can be accessed through the gallery in the Living Room. Its entrance is located above the sofa which Paladin and Knight are sitting, replacing the Gallery. However, it only has a chance to appear when the player enters the Living Room.

Does Soul Knight have cheats?

Soul Knight Code 2022 – Secret Boost Codes. Not only gems, but these codes also really cheat: bu3YcN => Get more gold. C21mKo => Instantly increase attack damage. JipxQl => Unlock new locations.

What is the best gun in Soul Knight?

Best weapon in your opinion | Fandom. Mine is Varkolyn Assault Rifle because: No energy cost for first mode and its pretty good. Second mode is extremely useful especially against elite enemies.

What is Soul Knight based on?

Soul Knight is inspired by the game Enter The Gungeon (a bullet-hell rogue-lite game produced by Dodge Roll and Devolver Digital).

What is the mysterious character in Soul Knight?

Mysterious Trader is an NPC that can be found during a run. He sells items such as Buff Bubbles and Weapons. with a random Buff inside.

Who is the best hero in Soul Knight?

Tier S

  • Paladin. The Paladin is a premium hero that comes with a $1 price tag. …
  • Rogue. The second in Tier S is Rogue, which is obtained by shelling out 2000 gems that happen to be the cheapest in the game. …
  • Alchemist. …
  • Time Traveling Ninja. …
  • Werewolf. …
  • Assassin. …
  • Engineer. …
  • Taoist.
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Table of Contents
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