Who is the best Waifu in Persona 5?

Who is the best Waifu in Persona 5? It would be impossible to list out the best waifus in the Persona series without mentioning one of the very best romances in the entire game. Mitsuru Kirijo is as beautiful as they come, and she genuinely has an interesting Social Link with a satisfying payoff that fans will love to play through.

How old is Ryuji p5? 10/14 Ryuji Sakamoto (Age: 16, Height: 5’9, Birthday: July 3rd, 1999) Born on July 3rd, 1999, Ryuji is the bumbling bad boy character of the group.

Does Ryuji have parents? He also reveals that his father was an alcoholic who beat him and his mother and then left, so his mother is the only family he has.

Who is the blonde girl in Persona 5?

Ann Takamaki
Persona character
First appearancePersona 5 (2016)
Designed byShigenori Soejima
Voiced byJP: Nana Mizuki EN: Erika Harlacher

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Is there a Persona 5 TV show?

Persona 5: The Animation is an anime television series produced by CloverWorks based on the Persona 5 video game by Atlus. The anime series is directed by Masashi Ishihama and written by Shinichi Inotsume, with Tomomi Ishikawa adapting Shigenori Soejima’s original character designs for the animation.

How old is Joker in p5?

Joker is the protagonist of Persona 5, a 2016 role-playing video game by Atlus.

Joker (Persona)

AffiliationPhantom Thieves of Hearts
WeaponPersona, dagger, handgun

Does Morgana turn into a human?

Beyond that, Morgana does end up regaining his memories, and despite what may have been hinted at in the story, he’s not a human at all, and never was one before. He was in fact created by the Velvet Room’s Igor to assist the protagonist.

How old is Ryuji’s mom?

Yasuko is Ryuuji’s thirty-three-year-old mother, though she refers to herself as eternally twenty-three. She has large F-cup-sized breasts.

Which leg did Ryuji break?

Ryuji had already thrown a punch at Kamoshida if you recall, albeit it was because he got agroed. Ryuji and the track team had already been pushed way beyond their limits as is, so Ryuji was already worn out from that. So with sore muscles, a pissed off student and extreemly harsh strikes… Ryuji’s femur broke.

Who did Ryuji end up with?

His feelings and relationship to Taiga begin to change as he spends more time with her throughout the series. Eventually, he and Taiga become a couple and they got married (which now makes her Taiga Takasu) so in that way they can both be adults.

What is the name of the persona 5 protagonist?

Ren Amamiya Or Akira Kurusu – Why Does Persona 5’s Protagonist Have Two Names? Persona 5’s protagonist may be called Joker in the Metaverse, but his real name is a point of contention in the fandom.

Who is the most popular girl in Persona 5?

1st Place: Makoto Niijima (391 Votes). Third-year student council president at Shujin Academy, Makoto (code name: Queen) first appeared in Persona 5. Makoto received 391 votes, or 16.7% of the total votes cast.

Who is the best girlfriend in Persona 5?

6/11 (Best) Makoto Nijima – Priestess. Makoto is considered a queen by her fans. Fans who like her, REALLY like her, and even consider her to be the canon romance of the game. She also is relatively easy to romance and is incredibly plot-relevant.

Will there be another persona game?

As of yet, there hasn’t been any confirmation as to when Persona 6 will release, but considering no announcement has yet happened, Atlus may release its next JRPG in by Fall 2024. While news about Persona 6 isn’t all that much, the company executives have given glimmers of hope.

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