Who is the black Hello Kitty?

Who is the black Hello Kitty? Chococat (チョコキャット, Chokokyatto) is one of the many fictional characters produced by Japanese corporation Sanrio. He is drawn as a sweet black cat with huge black eyes, four whiskers, and like counterpart Hello Kitty, no mouth.

How old is Pochacco? Pochacco was born on February 29th, 1989 (a Leap Day which does not exist, the closest being in 1988 or 1992), on Uguisu Yokocho (“Nightingale Lane” in English), and lives in Fuwa Fuwa Town (“‘Airy’ Town” in English).

What gender is Pompompurin? This boy golden retriever is unmistakable in his trademark brown beret. He has a laidback demeanor and loves the phrase ‘let’s go out!’ He loves milk, anything soft, and his mama’s cream caramel puddings.

Who is Pompompurins GF? Macaroon lives in a beauty parlor near Pompompurin and is proud of “her super cute poodle-like curls and her big eyes”. Macaroon likes to collect small items and cute accessories and sometimes wears glasses for a change.

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What does Pochacco mean?

Pochacco (1989). Pochacco’s name means pocha pocha (chubby). Per official character profiles he was born in Fuwafuwa Town on February 29 in a leap year. He is often portrayed dressed in athletic attire, with a sporty and playful personality.

Who is Hello Kitty’s rival?

She’s Hello Kitty. He’s Keroppi (Ker-row-pee), a frog. She’s been top cat for 20 years, but now Keroppi, a younger rival, is practically as popular. Created in 1976, Hello Kitty is the leading character of Japan-based Sanrio Inc.

What type of dog is Pochacco?

Pochacco is a Sanrio character introduced in 1989 based on a white puppy with no visible mouth. His name is possibly taken from the Japanese onomatopoeia “pocha pocha” that can mean “plump”/”chubby” or to splash around in water. He is a member of the Hapidanbui.

Who is the most popular Sanrio character?

The top ten is as follows:

  • Hangyodon (996,854 votes)
  • Little Twin Stars (1,020,516 votes)
  • Hello Kitty (1,471,242 votes)
  • My Melody (1,700,858 votes)
  • Pochacco (1,947,297 votes)
  • Kuromi (1,954,948 votes)
  • Pompompurin (2,351,265 votes)
  • Cinnamoroll (2,896,171 votes)

Is Pompompurin a dog?

Pompompurin (ポムポムプリン, Pomupomupurin) is a good-natured Golden Retriever dog character introduced by the Japanese company Sanrio in 1996. Purin was born on a sunny day on April 16th. Pompompurin lives in his own basket in the entrance hall of his sister-owner’s house.

Who is Kuromi boyfriend?

After fleeing from Mariland to the human world she meets, partners up with, and falls madly in love with Keiichi Hiiragi, a coldhearted bishōnen violinist.

Is Cinnamoroll a dog?

The main character, Cinnamoroll, is a white puppy with chubby cheeks and long ears, blue eyes, pink cheeks, and a plump and curly tail that resembles a cinnamon roll. He starred in his own manga series, an anime movie, and various animation shorts.

What is Pochacco favorite food?

His best friends include a mouse named Choppi and a mole named Mogu. He loves sports, especially basketball and his favorite food is carrots. He also loves banana ice cream.

Is cinnamoroll a bunny?

Cinnamoroll is a puppy.. Upon first glance, this adorable, big eared, blue eyed animal might look like a rabbit, but he is actually a puppy. He is not just any puppy, he is a flying puppy. His long white ears allow him to fly!

Who is Pochacco’s bestfriend?

Choppy is a small brown mouse and Pochacco’s best friend. His favorite hobby is eating cream puffs overflowing with delicious custard.

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