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Who is the coolest assassin?

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Who is the coolest assassin? Assassin’s Creed: The 10 Best Assassins, According to Reddit

  • Edward. As a pirate, Edward was naturally the most unique assassin. …
  • Ratonhnaké:ton (Connor) …
  • Haytham. …
  • Amunet (Aya) …
  • Bayek. …
  • Kassandra. …
  • Ezio. …
  • Desmond.

Who is yor Briar? Yor Forger (ヨル・フォージャー, Yoru Fōjā?), née Briar (ブライア, Buraia?) is the tritagonist of the SPY x FAMILY series. While she works as an ordinary clerk at Berlint City Hall, she also leads a secret life as a Garden assassin with the code name “Thorn Princess” (〈いばら姫〉, ?).

Is Yuri Briar in love with yor? Using Yuri’s love for Yor, Anya is able to persuade him into tutoring her seriously and he eventually shares his motivation for studying when he was younger.

Is Yor Forger a killer? Indeed, she became an assassin to provide for her younger brother when they became orphans, and now her goal is to kill evil and vile people to make innocents’ lives better. In a complete idiosyncrasy, Yor is extremely gullible, being easily fooled by the ridiculous lies Loid tells her to hide his identity.

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Is Yor a good assassin?

8/10 Yor Is An Elite Assassin. Yor’s main job is not her clerical work at Berlint city hall, but her secret job as an elite assassin known only as the Thorn Princess. In works of fiction, assassins are always scary and cool fighters, whether they’re heroes or villains, and Yor is one of the best.

Is Yor a Waifu?

The Internet has spoken; Yor is already the best waifu this season! Yor Forger made an explosive debut in Episode 2 of Spy x Family. As a result, the internet has spoken, and Yor Forger has already been voted the finest anime waifu of the Spring anime season by the community.

Is Yuri briar a villain?

Yuri Briar, otherwise known as Second Lieutenant Briar, is the secondary antagonist of the Spy × Family series and the main antagonist of the Secret Police arc.

Is Yor stronger than Loid?

Lloyd easily beats Yor. Yor would absolutely demolish Lloyd in a straight-up fight. There is literally nothing Lloyd can do to even remotely hurt Yor.

Does Loid suspect Yor?

Loid requests his agency to send all the spies in the area for an emergency mission. Loid is playing the part of Spy in this play, while other spies try to stop him. In the play, The final hurdle standing between Loid and Anya is Yor. That is when Loid truly saw the terrifying side of Yor.

Are yor and Loid enemies?

Yuri works in the State Security Service, more commonly known as the Secret Police. Their job is to capture spies and traitors and keep a close eye on the rest of society in Ostania. Naturally, this means the SSS and WISE are enemies — in other words, Yuri and Loid are on opposing ends.

Will Yor kiss Loid?

Do Loid And Yor Kiss? While Spy x Family has hinted that Loid and Yor will end up together in the future, they are yet to kiss. This seems odd, considering that they are technically a married couple. However, they are yet to kiss, even in the manga.

Do yor and Loid end up together?

Do Loid and Yor get together? At the moment, Yor and Loid are not in a relationship — they haven’t even kissed yet. The manga is still ongoing, however, so there is still room for the pair’s relationship to develop into a romance and it’s not far-fetched to imagine the story is headed that way.

Does Loid care about Anya?

Despite describing his feelings that got in the way of his mission as “unnecessary”, it is evident that he’s started to deeply care for Anya and Yor — more than he admits.

How old was Yor when she became an assassin?

AliasThorn Princess (Codename) Yor-senpai (by coworkers) Sis (姉さん, Nee-san) (by Yuri) Mama (はは, Haha) (by Anya)
OccupationCity Hall Clerk Assassin
AffiliationForger Family Berlint City Hall

Who is yor’s va?

Natalie Van Sistine is the English dub voice of Yor Forger / Thorn Princess in SPY×FAMILY, and Saori Hayami is the Japanese voice.

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