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Who is the English voice actor for Anzai?

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Who is the English voice actor for Anzai? Adam Gibbs is the English dub voice of Yuuki Anzai in Devils’ Line, and Yoshitsugu Matsuoka is the Japanese voice.

How old is Tsukasa? Not much is known about Tsukasa’s past. She has a strong love for movies, otaku culture, and of course her husband. Her maiden name is Tsukuyomi (月読). It’s later revealed in the manga that she is the 16 year old daughter of the emperor’s subordinate.

What is the real age of Tsukasa? #3 Tsukasa is 16 years old. At least physically. She was born on April 3 and her zodiac sign is Aries.

Does Tsukasa have a child? And as such, he gave his daughter the elixir with no regard for the eternal loneliness she must bear in the future. Tsukasa reveals she is Iwakasa’s daughter from 1400 years ago, and her wish is to fly to the moon in hopes of finding Kaguya.

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Does Tsukasa love NASA?

Main Characteristics and Personality. At first, Tsukasa appears to act very cool, calm and level-headed; seemingly unsurprised by Nasa’s rash and illogical actions. Despite this, she agreed to marry Nasa and does love him very dearly.

Does Netflix have devils line?

When half-demon Anzai rescues college student Tsukasa from a demon attack, their growing bond threatens her life and his resolve to never drink blood. Watch all you want.

Who killed Kikuhara in devils line?

One morning after they’d slept together, Kirio saw his Yuzuru on the balcony and proceeded to push her off; which broke her neck and resulted in her death.

Is devils line a happy ending?

The couple once again declares their love for each other and says their farewell for now but as the episode comes to an end we see them reuniting after a certain amount of time, showing that even after so long they can actually be together again.

Does Devils line have a Season 2?

Devils Line Season 2 Premiere Date Has Been Set. If all is in order it could be released at the beginning of the second quarter of 2022, or even 2023. More details will be made available in the near future!

Does Anzai have kids?

Tamaki Anzai (安斎 環, Anzai Tamaki?) is the father of Yuuki Anzai whom he had with his human wife, Midori Anzai.

Does Anzai and Tsukasa end up together?

Continuing on from the Season 1 finale, Season 2 would start after Tsukasa and Anzai’s breakup, as the two attempt to stay away from each other for their safety. Unfortunately, they end up drawn together once again due to love and circumstances.

Does Anzai like Tsukasa?

He cares deeply for Tsukasa and his comrades, and will rush to their side whenever they are in trouble. This is seen when he transformed instantly after Tsukasa got shot.

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