Who is the father of Goten?

Who is the father of Goten? Goten is the second son of Chi-Chi and Goku, and younger brother to Gohan. He is born in late Age 767, roughly nine months after the defeat of Cell in the Cell Games Saga.

Who is the most powerful person in Dragon Ball? Zeno’s power to remove entire Universes from existence without even breaking a sweat is proof of the fact the Omni-King is the strongest being in the entire Dragon Ball series.

Who is the strongest earthling? 1) Krillin. Undoubtedly the strongest Earthling in the series, Krillin’s power and ability to contribute throughout the series has always been present.

What is Mr. Satan’s first name? Satan (ミスター・サタン, Misutā Satan), known as Hercule in certain edited versions of the English dub and in Viz’s English manga, is a character from the Dragon Ball media franchise.

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Who is more powerful Beerus or whis?

Beerus has said that Whis is stronger than him, and Whis once demonstrated this by knocking Beerus out with a single blow to the neck. He is able to effortlessly take on Goku and Vegeta at once and claims that he is the fastest and strongest in the universe 7.

Who did Goten marry?

She Was a Scientist like her mother and she Never trained because Lee was a mean saiyan that wanted to destroy earth in the future.In the future Goten Married Bulla and had a child. Bulla also became The assistant of trunks From capsule corp because he was the president.

Who is stronger Videl or Hercule?

While training diligently to reach the same level of strength as her father and prove herself worthy of his legacy, Videl actually surpassed Hercule, unknown to both fighters.

What is Mr. Satan’s race?

Mr. Satan
DebutManga: “The New Kami-Sama” Anime: “Dende’s Dragon”
Appears inTemplate:DB Series

Who is Mr. Satan stronger than?

He easily overpowered the gunman Van Zandt, an ordinary human, managing to kick a gun out the latter’s hands before he could shoot him. Mr. Satan also possesses enough strength to pull four buses at once. By real-life standards, Mr.

Is Mr. Satan Videls dad?

Videl (ビーデル, Bīderu) is the daughter of Mr. Satan and Miguel, the wife of Gohan and the mother of Pan.

Is Mr. Satan the strongest human?

The Tenkaichi Budokai champion, Mr. Satan is widely known all over the world as the strongest man alive and a celebrity hero. He is the father of Videl, the father-in-law of Gohan, and the maternal grandfather of Pan. He first appears during the Cell Saga, to fight Cell who started attacking the planet.

Who is the strongest human ever lived?

Louis Cyr

Louis Cyr
Known forbeing ‘The Strongest Man Who Ever Lived’
Sports career
Height1.74 m (5 ft 81⁄2 in)
Weight127–154 kg (280–340 lb)

What is Mr Satan’s power level?

According to the Dragon Ball Wiki (taken from the Daizenshuu) Mr. Satan’s power level is 240. He’s definitely superhuman (matter of fact, a little stronger than Master Roshi.)

Who is Videls brother?

Jimmy (ジミー, Jimī) is is the first child and eldest son of Mr. Satan and Miguel, the older brother of Videl, the husband of Kayla, the father to Melissa and Tommy and the maternal uncle of Pan, Alissa, Tyler, Lucy and Michelle.

What is the strongest entity in the universe?

That’s about the same amount of energy in 10 trillion trillion billion megaton bombs! These explosions generate beams of high-energy radiation, called gamma-ray bursts (GRBs), which are considered by astronomers to be the most powerful thing in the universe.

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