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Who is the god in Arifureta?

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Who is the god in Arifureta? Ehit, also known by his former human worshipers as the False God and his true name, Ehitruje, is the main antagonist of the Japanese web-turned-light novel series Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest and the overarching antagonist of its prequel spin-off Arifureta: Zero.

Does Yue betray Hajime? As a sign of her undying love and loyalty for Hajime alone, Yue will never leave or betray Hajime as she claimed her loyalty is Hajime alone as she will never listen to or believe anyone else who is delusional in their thinking of Hajime (such as Kouki Amanogawa and Freid Bagwa).

Who did Hajime sleep with? She is the reason why Hajime was able to retain his humanity. After they managed to clear the last floor of the Great Orcus Labyrinth and began living in Oscar Orcus’s mansion for a while, she seduced him and took his virginity in the bath. Yue usually loves to bite Hajime and drinking his blood as her sexual nature.

How tall is Hajime from Arifureta? Arifureta Statistics Chart

Hajime Naguno17 – 23/245’4″ / 165cm – 5’7″ / 175cm
Yue3234’5″ / 140cm
Shea Haulia165’2″ / 160cm
Tio Klarus56322’9″ / 7m¹

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What level is Nagumo Hajime?

As a result, Hajime’s constitution was mutated by the magic of the monster granting him a tremendously high status, even breaking pass the level 100 limit. At the costs of his mutation, he will no longer be considered as human and no longer be afraid at anything anymore.

Why did ERI betrayed Hajime?

After Hajime arrived and foiled all of her plans, Eri betrayed Hiyama upon witnessing how weak and worthless he is when he outlived his usefulness to her as far as she renegaded their deal for her own survival from Hajime’s wrath.

Who is Hajime’s daughter?

Myu is a kind and obedient child. She is also quite brilliant, as stated by Hajime. Before meeting Hajime, Myu was spoiled and would constantly throw a tantrum. However, after being kidnapped, she has matured a lot and is now more compassionate but would still be occasionally spoiled (particularly regarding Hajime).

Who betrayed Hajime?

Hajime Nagumo is an average otaku who is bullied by one of his classmates about his relationship Kaori Shirasaki. When the students traveled to a fantasy world, they were involved in a dungeon raid. Here, Hajime was betrayed by Daisuke Hiyama as fell into the abyss.

Does Hajime like Kaori?

Before the final battle, Hajime finally confessed his deep hidden feelings to Kaori, that he loves her and thanked her for always staying at his side no matter what.

Do Hajime and Yue have babies?

Overtime, Myu goes from calling Hajime “Big Brother” to “Papa,” much to his dismay. There are many questions left unanswered in the series, but the story of how Myu became a daughter to Hajime and Yue is a well-depicted development.

Why is Hajime hair white?

Due to the stress of the revitalization, his hair turned white. His eyes also turned blood-red and his body gained tattoo-like red veins (Light Novel and Manga).

Who does Hajime truly love?

Before the final battle, Hajime finally confessed his deep hidden feelings to Kaori, that he loves her and thanked her for always staying at his side no matter what. Solidifying their unbreakable bond. Out of all his wives, Kaori is the only one that shares Hajime’s otaku hobbies and has known him the longest.

How many wives does Hajime have?

Hajime married a total of eight wives: Yue, Shea Haulia, Tio Klarus, Kaori Shirasaki, Aiko Hatayama, Liliana S. B. Heiligh, Shizuku Yaegashi, and Remia.

Is Hajime Nagumo a monster?

After Hajime ate some of very powerful monsters and made weapons from the monsters’ essences, he gained too much power and mutation-evolved strength that broke even the normal level 100 limit, meaning he became more powerful beyond anyone ever could be and became a human/monster hybrid, turned from a meek and good- …

Is Yue a girl Arifureta?

Yue Nagumo, Real Name Aletia Galdea Vesperitio Avatarl, is the deuteragonist and lead main female protagonist of Arifureta: From Commonplace To World’s Strongest.

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