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Who is the leader of Wxs?

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Who is the leader of Wxs? Onstage, troupe leader KAITO and his helper Hatsune Miku put on elaborate shows to help the group discover their true feelings.

What are Mizuki’s pronouns? Just so you know, Mizuki being non-binary isnt confirmed. The wiki uses they/them pronouns because we don’t know what their gender identity is yet.

Does Mizuki canonically use they them? the first ever nonbinary character of the day is mizuki akiyama! our beloved icon!!! they canonically use they/them pronouns, and are transfem! the last image says ‘ i will always be myself ‘!!

Who voiced Akito shinonome? Imai Fumiya (今井 文也) is a voice actor from Aomori Prefecture, Japan. He voices Shinonome Akito in Project SEKAI COLORFUL STAGE! He is affiliated with Rush Style.

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Who is Rui kamishiro VA?

Toki Shunichi (土岐 隼一) is a voice actor and singer from Tokyo, Japan. He voices Kamishiro Rui in Project SEKAI COLORFUL STAGE! He is affiliated with WITH LINE.

Is Kanade in love with Yukimura?

Shinya Yukimura. Later on, when he saves her from being raped by some delinquents, he saves her without a second thought, getting hit in the process. That selfless action made Kotonoha fall in love with him, a fact revealed by Ayame.

Why is mafuyu depressed?

Her parents are proud of her perfect grades, her classmates come to her for help with homework while singing her praises, her juniors look up to her, and she’s even gifted athletically. However, these expectations became suffocating to Mafuyu and drove her into a suicidal depression.

Are Rui and Nene siblings?

Rui and Nene are childhood friends and neighbors. They’re both part of the theater troupe Wonderlands x Showtime.

Why do people ship RuiKasa?

RuiKasa is widely considered to be the most well-known and most shipped slash ship in the fandom. The ship is supported mainly due to the pair’s natural chemistry, and also the fact that they’re both very popular characters. It is the most written ship on AO3 and the ship with most works on Pixiv as well.

Who is Touno Arata?

Tono Arata (遠野新だ) is a street performer who first debuted in the STRAY BAD DOG event. Just like Vivid BAD SQUAD, he and his partner planned to surpass RAD WEEKEND. After his partner Souma got into an accident, he’s been working towards this goal and performing alone. He is currently 19 years old.

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