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Who is the main villain in Fairy Tail?

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Who is the main villain in Fairy Tail? Zeref Dragneel (ゼレフ・ドラグニル, Zerefu Doraguniru) is the central antagonist of Fairy Tail who is mentioned early in the series as the most evil wizard in history called the “Black Wizard” (黒魔導士, Kuro Madōshi).

Why did Grimoire heart want Zeref? In the manga, we see that he finds out that it was Zeref that killed Mavis, and the tried everything to keep her alive. So in the quest to revive her, he left in search of Zeref, which is why they(Grimoire Heart) were on Tenrou Island looking for Zeref.

Is Gajeel double agent? After Laxus states that Makarov knew all about Raven Tail’s details, Flare blames Gajeel for Laxus’ knowledge, allowing Ivan to finally realize Gajeel’s double-agent status.

Why did Natsu scarf turn black? 8/10 HIS SCARF IS SPECIAL. It’s been known to protect him in the case of extreme danger, such as being capable of absorbing Zeref’s death magic, though this caused it to lose its white color and turn black instead.

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How old is Wendy Fairy Tail?

Wendy’s Cait Shelter Guild stamp was located on her right shoulder, but after the Guild disbanded and she joined Fairy Tail, the stamp was replaced by Fairy Tail’s Guild stamp. her age (Currently) is 14-15.

Who is the purple haired girl in Fairy Tail?

In her initial human form, Kinana is a short girl with violet-colored hair and green eyes, with a round face.

Does GREY betray Fairy Tail?

Cana is furious at Gray for his betrayal but Juvia defends him, saying Gray would never betray Fairy Tail. Gray tells her to stop and tells the guild members to take him to Makarov. He is then escorted by Alzack and Bisca to the Master while Wendy uses her Magic to heal Elfman.

Who is Briar in Fairy Tail?

Briar is a villainess in Fairy Tail. She is a member of Avatar. She is voiced by Megumi Sato in the Japanese of the anime, and by Alle Mims in the English version of the anime.

Who is Avatar in Fairy Tail?

Avatar (黒魔術教団, アヴァタール, Avatāru) is a black magic-cult that worships Zeref as God, proclaiming itself as a successor to the Balam Alliance.

Who defeated the white mage in Fairy Tail?

Faris defeats Jellal and the Fairy Tail mages single handedly, declaring that she had successfully dyed the entire guild white.

How many characters are in Fairy Tail?

There are currently 16 playable characters in Fairy Tail, with two being available right after the Prologue chapter.

Why did Gray join a dark guild?

1/10 Gray was in a dark guild. To be fair, he was only joining the evil guild, Avatar, because Erza ordered him to infiltrate and gain information from them. Natsu and Lucy found a distraught Juvia who hadn’t seen Gray in a long time.

How did Gray become a dark mage?

Gray inherited the Magic from his father following his liberation from Keyes’ control, managing to pass on the secrets of the Magic through a tattoo imprinted on his forearm.

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