Who is the main villain in Mieruko-chan?

Who is the main villain in Mieruko-chan? The God of the Mountain, or the Shrine God, is the main antagonist of the horror comedy webcomic and anime series Mieruko-chan.

Is Mieruko-chan worth watching? Tldr; Mieruko chan absolutely nails it as a slice-of-life show with peaceful and immersive environment explored or inhabited by cute and fun characters. It has an interesting premise that blends SoL, comedy and horror. It won’t scare you or make you laugh but has ghosts and a comedic tone instead.

What is the plot of Mieruko-chan? Blending both comedy and horror, Mieruko-chan tells the story of a girl who tries to deal with the paranormal by acting indifferent toward it. Miko Yotsuya is an ordinary high school student who has the unfortunate ability to see horrifying ghosts and spirits that haunt her and the people around her.

Who is the god in Mieruko Chan? The God of the Mountain (山の神様, Yama no Kamisama) is a malevolent entity encountered by Miko Yotsuya and Hana Yurikawa in an abandoned shrine in the mountains. According to Mitsue, it is only referred to as a “god” in folklore, but its origins are currently unknown.

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Who is Mieruko Chan’s love interest?

Hana is also a good source of emotional support. Due to their close friendship and strong codependency, the plot often uses a running gag that Miko is madly in love with Hana, mainly through friendly teasing of the latter.

What happens to Mieruko-chan after 3 times?

The two shrine spirits protect Miko from the large ghost who ended up being Zen’s mom. This means that Miko has used up the “three times” that the spirits were referring to. Miko starts crying out of relief, considering she survived the ordeal.

What does thrice mean in Mieruko-chan?

Thrice. Three times. Those creepy shrine maidens saved Miko from three encounters with murderous ghosts…

How old is Miko?

Miko is a 16-year-old Japanese-American girl who has a job working for Hinobi’s technology store and is secretly working as a Glitch Tech.

What does thrice mean in Mieruko Chan?

Thrice. Three times. Those creepy shrine maidens saved Miko from three encounters with murderous ghosts…

Why can Miko see spirits?

Miko’s ability to see ghosts, is for an important reason. She gained the ability to see spirits, because she is destined to protect Hana from dangerous ghosts. She just does not know it yet. The Dragon god is simply a very powerful ghost.

Why are the spirits angry at Miko?

because that yellow spirit is not a kind God. They want compensation for helping from Miko. And they not accept something small like food or coin money.

What did the spirits want from Miko?

The two of them seem to obey those who pray at the shrine, but even though they help those who request it, they desire payment for their assistance, Miko’s payment is her soul.

How did Mieruko dad died?

Yotsuya died in a traffic accident. It seems as though Miko has been aware of her father’s presence the same as any other ghost. Like the rest, she ignores her father’s spirit but finally makes peace with him by offering some of the seasonal pudding at his altar.

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