Who is the MC in Twisted Wonderland?

Who is the MC in Twisted Wonderland? MC (Prefect). Their default name is Yuu, but the name can be changed by the player. Their gender is ambiguous and are referred to with gender neutral pronouns by other characters.

What is Vil’s unique magic? His Signature Spell is called “Fairest One of All”, and allows him to place a curse on whatever he touches, with any conditions he chooses. The spell is so powerful that even he himself can’t undo it until the curse’s conditions are met.

Who is Yuuken Enma? An original character and protagonist of Disney Twisted Wonderland – Episode of Heartslabyul. He’s a second-year student of Hibari Municipal High School and vice-captain of the kendo club in his original world.

Is Twisted Wonderland free? Disney Twisted-Wonderland is a free-to-play game. However, optional in-game purchases are available.

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How many chapters are in Wish Upon a Star Twisted Wonderland?

The event’s story is released in two parts and it has 13 story chapters and 9 twistune stages.

Why does silver call Lilia father?

Background. Silver was an orphan adopted by Lilia at a young age. Silver used to think Lilia was his real father, until he noticed their ears look different.

Who is Lilia based on?

“The Legend of Lilia” is the story of Lilia Litvyak, who at 15 made her first solo flight in a wood and canvas biplane. By the age of 21 she was the most dangerous woman in the sky as an ace fighter pilot over the Eastern Front of WWII.

Is there a Twisted Wonderland English version?

Aniplex has launched an English version of its mobile adventure game Disney Twisted-Wonderland in the US and Canada on iOS and Android devices. Disney Twisted-Wonderland was first released in Japan in March 2020 and is being distributed in North America via the firm’s US branch, Aniplex of America.

Is Twisted Wonderland manga in English?

Twisted-Wonderland, an app game designed by Black Butler creator Yana Toboso and Disney, remains sadly unreleased in English. For many people, Black Butler was their first exposure to anime and manga. Yana Toboso’s story seamlessly blended action, comedy and gothic elements and quickly became globally popular.

Who is dire Crowley based off of?

His name may also be a reference to Aleister Crowley, a British occultist who came to be known as “the wickedest man in the world”. His surname also contains “crow”, which plays into his blackbird-inspired design.

Is there romance in Twisted Wonderland?

The first thing you need to know about Twisted-Wonderland is that it is not a romance game. The story is, first and foremost, a fantasy adventure. The player character’s default name is gender-ambiguous, and the boys don’t make any comment about their gender.

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