Who is the most chosen bias in Stray Kids?

Who is the most chosen bias in Stray Kids? The most popular is Hyunjin. Hyujin is the most stanned member and his face-cams gets the highest views most times. Right now, Felix is really popular, but it doesn’t change the fact that Hyunjin is the most biased and insanely popular.

Why is IVE K-pop so famous? The group’s first album launched with 150,000 copies, the most among all acts that debuted in South Korea in 2021, and the single went on to win first place on music shows in the country 13 times. IVE is now one of the leading acts of the so-called fourth generation girl groups, following ITZY and aespa.

Who is Kep1er leader? Yujin assigned as the leader and Mashiro as the co-leader of the group Kep1er! Kep1er is a girl group formed through Mnet’s survival show ‘Girls Planet 999’.

Who is the most handsome in Skz? Hyunjin – You can dress or style him with anything and he will still look good. He may not fit the KB standards but he’s definitely one of the most handsome idols of his generation. Even the other Skz members recognize his visuals.

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Who is more popular TXT or Skz?

TXT, therefore, seems to be more popular than Stray Kids as it dominates almost all Asian countries while Stray Kids remains dominant over Western countries.

Who is the leader of twice?

As one of nine successful participants, she went on to join the newly formed girl group Twice. Jihyo was voted by her bandmates as leader in an anonymous vote.

Who is the leader of Ive?


An Yujin (안유진)Leader, VocalistMagenta
Rei (레이)Rapper, VocalistGreen
Jang Wonyoung (장원영)VocalistRed
Liz (리즈)VocalistCyan

Is Stray Kids friends with Blackpink?

The members of Stray Kids have proven to be very friendly, after declaring their good relationships with members of other K-Pop groups, such as TXT, ATEEZ, and IZ*ONE.

Who is hyunjin best friend in Skz?

Best friends stick by each other through thick and thin and Stray Kids’ Hyunjin and Felix are a testament to that. One really special moment between the two was during day three of the Encore Stage MANIAC in Seoul. Felix, who was feeling emotional, approached Hyunjin, who then hugged and comforted his best friend.

Who is Lisa’s best friend?

Lisa is also friends with Sorn of CLC and other Thai artists in the K-pop industry. Sorn and Lisa have a great friendship. They frequently support one another at concerts and also on social media. Another idol from the Thai line, (G)I-DLE’s Minnie, is close friends with the BLACKPINK rapper.

What perfume does Stray Kids wear?

However, at first, he didn’t know the brand and name of the perfume. Fortunately, STAY told him it is a GUCCI perfume called A Chant for The Nymph.

Who is the most popular in Stray Kids?

His full name is Lee Yongbok or Lee Felix. He was a trainee at JYP for 1 year. He is known for his extremely deep voice and is the most popular member. Seungmin is the 2nd to youngest member of Stray Kids.

Who is Bang Chan best friend?

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan and Felix have a friendship that anyone would be envious of. The two became incredibly close because of their shared experiences of being born in Australia.

Why is Bang Chan called Chan?

Bang chan (방찬) is a shortened form of “bangsong (방송) + lee chan (이찬)” which means “broadcast-lee chan”. It’s something his members call him since there’s a side of him which he only shows during broadcast, where he is brighter/louder/more reactive/show more exaggerated emotions :D.

Who is Nmixx leader?

6) Haewon – NMIXX (Febru). Haewon, a 19-year-old South Korean singer under JYP Entertainment, is the leader of the K-pop girl group NMIXX. She is one of the youngest K-pop leaders among popular girl groups in the industry. On Novem, Haewon was confirmed as the group’s sixth member.

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