Who is the most liked character in the arcana?

Who is the most liked character in the arcana? The reasons they changed from Asra to Julian were that Asra is too secretive, and that Julian’s route has more drama in it.

  • Asra (49.8%)
  • Julian (28.2%)
  • Nadia (22%)

Who won Arcana Duello? Thus Felicità fights her father and wins the duello. She wishes for her father to continue as the Papa of the Arcana Famiglia. Bears a contract with #0 of the Arcana – The Fool, also the member of Intelligence. He calls Felicità “Princess”.

Is Arcana Famiglia a harem? – Both Felicita and Saito have more than one contract. Felicita makes contracts with two cards, while Saito makes contracts with two masters. – Both animes have a main character surrounded by many characters of the opposite gender. Zero no Tsukaima F is a harem, while Arcana Famiglia is a reverse harem.

Is there romance in Arcana Famiglia? Likewise, the story has its comedic moments, but the majority of the show concentrates on the burgeoning romance as most of the male cast falls for Felicitá and she grapples with both her own feelings and her sense of familial love and filial obligation. Similarly, family drama plays a major role in the plot.

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Who does Felicita end up with in Arcana Famiglia?

Felicità (フェリチータ, Ferichīta) is the main heroine of La storia della Arcana Famiglia. She is the Head of Swords, the daughter of Mondo and Sumire, and she is now the current head “Donna” of their family and married to Luca (Felicità’s attendant and now husband).

Does Luca like Felicita?

As Felicità’s attendant, Luca is entirely devoted to serving her. He being her attendant since she was a young child, he commits fully and willingly stay by her side.

How old is Felicita?

Felicita (musician)

Born1987 (age 34–35)
OriginHounslow, London

Did Asra and Julian date?

Although he was aware of Julian’s growing feelings towards him, Asra seemed to view him as an annoyance, claiming that his heart belonged solely to the apprentice. Eventually, however, he acknowledged Julian’s desire and the two began a physical relationship.

What gender is Muriel the arcana?

Appearance. Muriel is a very large man, standing at 6’10. His black hair has been haphazardly cut short and falls into his green eyes.

What country is the arcana set in?

Vesuvia is the main setting for the Arcana Game. A city-state built into a cliff by a Mediterranean-like sea, Vesuvia is located in the southern hemisphere of the world.

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